TrackR App Keeps You Connected With the Crowd GPS Network


Keep connected to all your belongings and never lose sight of your pets with the TrackR App and the innovative Crowd GPS Network. Consumers can choose from several TrackR devices as a convenient way to quickly locate misplaced or lost items and pets.

TrackR Devices: Check Out the Bravo, Sticker and Wallet

TrackR has designed three different styles of the Crowd GPS Networking device to meet the varying and unique needs of consumers. Small and compact in size, these include the TrackR Bravo, TrackR Sticker, and the TrackR Wallet. When used with the easily downloaded TrackR App on your smartphone, you will be able to keep connected to, track, and locate anything that you have tethered a TrackR device to.

Notable perks include custom ring tones and item icons as well as 2-way separation alerts and personalized settings. Users can use the app to track up to 10 items and also use the app for background operations. Additional app features include the Distance Indicator that helps narrow down the location of misplaced or lost items by showing the distance between the user and the objects. Another great feature is the Item Ringer that works by making the TrackR device that is attached to the misplaced or lost item ring to help you find it.

Connectivity for all TrackR devices relies upon Bluetooth 4.0 technology that provides consumers with a range up to 100 feet when tracking. This extends to global range tracking capabilities when using the Crowd GPS feature in conjunction with the TrackR App. The creators of the TrackR devices have designed the units to be compatible with several mobile devices including iPhone and iPad products as well as Android devices.

Features of the TrackR Bravo

The TrackR Bravo most recently campaigned on the crowdsourcing site Indiegogo back in June of 2014. The project successfully reached and surpassed its targeted goal with the support of 22,149 funders, having raised $1,266,062.

With its slim, compact design and anodized aluminum casing, the quarter sized TrackR Bravo was designed to be used on most anything that you want to keep connected to. Some examples provided by TrackR include attaching the Bravo unit to your keys, smartphone and other mobile devices, bicycles, handbags, and even your pet’s collar.

Consumers can choose from several color options including steel, rose gold, black, and sky blue. The available accessory pack includes a waterproof pet collar attachment, a steel key loop attachment, and a waterproof casing. Custom laser engraving is also available. TrackR Bravo is currently offering promotional discounts to consumers when ordering multiple units.

Highlights of the TrackR Sticker

The TrackR Sticker device provides consumers with an additional option to explore. The unit is about the size of a quarter and can be quickly fastened to any object or device to keep you connected when you need to track and locate misplaced items or lost pets.

Measurements are 25mm in diameter by 40mm in width by 5mm in thickness. The material used in the manufacture of the TrackR Sticker unit is shiny black plastic, which is rated as being safe for pets. The TrackR Sticker, which is priced at only $24.95 per unit, includes a device pack with orders that comes with an attachable key chain ring.

Stay Connected with the TrackR Wallet

If you are looking for a device that you can keep stored inside your handbag or wallet, the TrackR Wallet will fit the bill. Smartly designed and compact in size, the TrackR Wallet measures in at 65mm in length by 40mm in width by 4mm in thickness. The device uses a CR2016 (2x) battery that has maximum life of about 2 years.

The unit resembles a small, black shiny plastic wallet in overall design and the materials are safe to be around pets. The price for a TrackR Wallet is only $29.95 per unit. Consumers can take advantage of occasional promotional discounts such as the “Buy 4 Get 4” free offer available at the time of this article.