Top Smart Kitchen Gadgets Coming Soon


Thanks to the “Internet of Things,” the dream of having a truly smart kitchen, with wireless connected gadgets that are controlled remotely, is finally beginning to come true. We bring you the full details on the top 6 new and upcoming kitchen gadgets that will be coming soon and will simply our digital lives.

Top Smart Kitchen Gadgets

All of these gadgets connect to the Internet and help you and your family enjoy your food and your kitchen experience better.


This Italian start-up just recently completed its crowd sourced funding drive in order to begin producing two new smart gadgets, the GKilo and Clogk. Both gadgets are part of the startup’s new “GK Series,” and each features a sleek, modern design that is both attractive and fully functional.

The GKilo will be an interactive scale that is controlled by motions from the user’s hands, as well as by interactive app. The scale can display the time as well as weight any items placed upon it. Using the planned interactive app, the scale will propose cooking times for the items that are weighed upon it based upon the food item and its weight.

It is also planned that the GKilo will further interact with the line’s second proposed gadget, the Clogk, which is both a clock and kitchen timer, so that users will be instantly notified when the food has cooked for the designated time. With products such as these, users can rest easy and no longer worry about overdone pasta or under-cooked vegetables.

Saeco GranBaristo Avanti Smart Coffee Maker

While you can’t go into your favorite department store and buy this handy smart kitchen gadget yet, Phillips unveiled a prototype of this connected coffee maker at IFA 2013 last fall. Using the Internet of Things, the maker lets users find their favorite recipes for cappuccino and espresso online and download them to the machine via Bluetooth. This ability gives the user complete wireless control over a wide set of features that can be customized, including temperature, strength and amount of coffee that is made.


Have you ever looked at your meal in a restaurant and wondered just what is in your food? Well, now you can have an easy and exact answer to that question! This smart scanner would be handy to have with you at home or on the go. You simply point the item at the food or beverage and the device scans the item with a small beam of light. It then wirelessly connects to your phone, computer or other compatible device to tell you a host of helpful details, such as the ingredients, calories, allergens and nutrients that the item contains. This is helpful not only for people with food sensitivities and known food allergies, but also for anyone that is trying to improve their diet, or lose weight.

Rather than using a laser, like some other scanners, the unit uses Texas Instrument’s patented DLP technology to scan items and determine the item’s chemical composition in about 3 seconds. This makes the unit lightweight, fast, and safe. This startup company also recently completed a crowd sourced funding drive, and fans of the product can sign up online at the company’s website to be notified once the units become available for sale.

Crock-Pot Smart Slo-Cooker with WeMo

This smart kitchen gadget from Belkin is currently available from the company online and in stores for around $129. The unit features the standard three cooking settings that come standard in most slow cookers, but adds wireless Internet connectivity and an app to allow users to control and monitor the cooking of their meal from their phone, tablet or traditional computer. The device also allows users to remotely change the temperature and cooking time, as well as receive notifications when their meal has finished cooking, making it handy for busy professionals and families that are on the go a lot. The cooker is the latest in the company’s line of WeMo products that include smart lighting and Wi-Fi camera solutions.


This smart fork is currently available online, and is used to help users adopt healthier eating habits. It wirelessly connects to a tracking app via the internet and allows users to track how long it takes them to finish their meal by measuring the number of forkfuls that they use to eat. The smart fork also features warning lights and vibrations to gently remind the user to slow down if they begin to eat too fast. The app also features a coaching program to help users meet their consumption goals and track their progress.

The product was originally developed to be used in a hospital or other medical setting to help patients learn how to slow their eating times since eating more slowly has been shown to also improve conditions such as gastric reflux and reduce post operative complications. In addition to improving digestion, research shows that eating more slowly can also help folks lower the amount of calories that they consume in a meal, so there is a broad range of people that this smart eating utensil can help.

In addition to the smart fork, the company also makes a smartwatch that monitors stress and sleep patterns and a fitness tracker that tracks the number of steps that users take, along with distance covered, the calories that they have burned through the day and more.

Most of us tend to think of remote lighting and security options such as remote door locks when we think of smart homes. With the advent of “the internet of things,” we are beginning to see the ability to wirelessly connect and control many everyday objects to make our lives simpler and easier to manage. The smart kitchen gadgets in our article seemingly promise to be just the beginning of a host of new smart everyday gadgets.

We enjoy receiving feedback from our readers and want to know your opinion. Let us know in the comments section below what you think of our article. Are you thinking about trying any of these gadgets when they become available? What is your “dream” gadget that you would like to see become available that uses the internet of things to improve our lives?

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