Top Bluetooth Headphones for Running


Are you on the lookout for new Bluetooth headphones for running on the streets or in the gym? Finding the right type of headphones for working out can be tricky – if they don’t fall out of your ears or get tangled up, they produce inferior sound or stop working after a few weeks.

Looking for the Best Bluetooth Headphones for Running?

Here are some of the top fitness earphones on the market and how they tackle common problems.

Monster iSport Freedom Bluetooth Headphones: What, headphones on a list of workout earphones? Yes, let’s start by branching away from the earbud crowd for a bit, because these headphones were designed specifically to help you run or work out. First, they are of course Bluetooth, which means no wires to mess with. Second, Monster has designed these headphones to be friendly for even hardcore fitness activities. They have a tight fit, they are sweat proof and UV radiation proof, and you can easily wash them when they get dirty. Also, you don’t need to worry about them coming loose. What other headphones have all those benefits in one product?

iKross A2DP: These iKross wireless headphones are fairly simple, but have features where it counts. Like the Monster product, these are designed to be over-ear products with larger speakers that will help block out other noises more easily and give you clearer sound – but may also weigh more. They are suitable Bluetooth headphones for running, but you may not want to use them at your next Crossfit class. Interestingly, these headphones have controls on the backs of the earphone modules themselves, including volume, track skipping, and an ability to take calls. The price is ideal – you can get them for as low as $20.

Avantree Sacool: Odd name aside, these are some quality wireless earphones for your next run. The rather blocky units connected to the earbuds include bonuses like external noise reduction, which may well be worth the extra weight to you. If you like running on the treadmill at the gym but don’t like the music they play, these headphones could treat you right. They have 6 hours of play time and come in a few different colors. Prices start around $37.

JayBird BlueBuds X: These BlueBuds from JayBird also have unique fitting twisting, with a little plastic curve designed to fit in your inner ear and brace the earbud itself, but also the ability to be used in a more casual over-ear fashion thanks to the connect band. This, plus the wireless Bluetooth connection, make them suitable for even the fiercest interval training without worrying about dislodging them. Another plus is the lifetime guarantee against sweat damage. The price for these minimalistic earphones comes in at $130.

Jabra Rox: The Jabra Rox earbuds come with an extra-long connecting cord and some handy resistances to the elements. They can stand up to all sorts of weather and dust, making them great for outdoor excursions like hiking, mountain climbing, or just jogging in the rain. They also have NFC wireless pairing, which makes them very easy to pair with your smartphone on the fly – just tap them together. If you aren’t wearing them, you can snap the earbuds together into a time-saving necklace thanks to magnets on the backs of the buds. However, they are a little pricey at $130.

Beats Powerbeats2 Wireless: These Bluetooth earphones include an over-the-ear hook for stability and resistance to both sweat and water. They also have a dual-driver acoustic sound for an extra quality boost if you really want to feel the music. However, you’ll have to pay for these Beats headphones, to the tune of around $180.

Plantronics BackBeat GO 2: If you want a basic pair of Bluetooth headphones for running, these may do the job for you. They have great waterproofing if it tends to rain a lot in your area, but particularly small compared to many other options, making it easy to fold them into your pocket when you are finished.

Photo Credit: JenLMichaels