Top 6 New Amazon Shows for Kids


For the fourth consecutive year, Amazon has developed and released several pilots of new Amazon shows for kids. For 2015 there are 6 pilots for children’s shows that viewers can stream and rate, and the line up includes two live action shows and four animated features. As in the past, Amazon will then consider viewer feedback when deciding which pilots it will turn into full series.

These pilots are available for streaming now via Amazon Instant Video online. You can also stream them from smart phones and other devices that support the app for Amazon Instant Video.

Having a tough time deciding which of the new kids shows to watch first? Here is our overview of each of the new shows, to help you decide!

Amazon Shows For Kids (Preschool)

The three Amazon pilots in this category use colorful animation, adventure and mystery to hold the attention of your preschool aged children.

“Sara Solves It”

This musical follows the exploits of Sara, a highly intelligent 9 year old girl, and her younger brother Sam, as they try to solve mysteries that they encounter at their school, their apartment, and the surrounding neighborhood. In the pilot episode, the children use math, music and creative thinking skills to solve the mystery of the missing pizza.

“Buddy: Tech Detective”

This short animation for kids also features children as detectives. In this show, technology loving Buddy and his best friend Trudy, a highly organized inventor, use teamwork and various tools to follow the clues and solve the mystery of the strange green globs that have suddenly appeared all over their town. Along the way they are assisted by their adorable pet ferret, Ferdo.

“The Stinky and Dirty Show”

This Amazon pilot for kids is based on the “I Stink!” series of books that are written by Kate and Jim McMullan. It follows the lives of two best friends, Dirty a backhoe loader and Stinky a garbage truck. The two friends live in a junkyard located in the town of Go City and have a series of misadventures as they try to help rescue their friend, a tugboat named Mighty. The two then must use their resourcefulness and trial and error again to help clear the highway that leads into their town when it is blocked by a bolder.

Amazon Shows For Ages 6 – 11

The three pilots in this category include one animated series and two live action shows. Common themes among these shows include friendship, the trials of fitting in, magic and adventure.

“Table 58”

This children’s pilot features live action to follow the travails of six outsiders who have been banished by the respective cliques at their local school. Together they seek refugee in the lunchroom at Table 58. Logan, the new kid at school, is soon relegated to the table for the unpopular kids, and convinces them to work with him to help raise one another’s social standing so that they can fit in better and rejoin their respective cliques. As the group begins to bond with one another, new friendships form. Will the outsiders want to rejoin their old friends or stay with the new ones that they have just made?

“Just Add Magic”

This Amazon pilot is another live action show. It is based on a book of the same name that is written by Cindy Callaghan. In the show, Kelly Quinn and her two best friends, Hannah and Darbie, discover an old cookbook when they are cleaning out the attic of Kelly’s grandmother. The girls decide to try some of the recipes and end up stirring up a mystery when they find that the Keep ‘Em Quiet Cobbler actually silences Kelly’s annoying younger brother and the Healing Hazelnut Tart makes Darbie’s injured ankle all better. The girls are amazed as they wonder exactly how these recipes work. could the secret ingredient be actual magic and what troubles are likely to brew if they continue following the directions?

“Niko and the Sword of Light”

This Amazon pilot is the lone animation for older kids this time around, and is based on the graphic comic of the same name from Imaginism Studios, Inc and Studio NX. The story follows the adventures of ten year old Niko who is alone in a fantastic and mystical world that has been destroyed by darkness. Armed with a surviving relic, a magic sword, he begins a quest to the Cursed Volcano to defeat the darkness. As Niko continues his journey, he discovers more about his hidden past and makes a number of friends and enemies along the way. Will Niko succeed in his quest to return light to his world?

In addition to these six new pilot’s for children’s shows, Amazon has new pilots for families and grownups available in 2015 as well. If you are curious about what’s in the works for older folks, why not check out our article on these 7 Amazon Prime pilots you won’t want to miss? This article gives an overview of the seven new shows that Amazon’s got on tap for adult viewers in 2015, and this article can help you decide which of those you would like to start streaming now!

What do you think of these six new Amazon shows for kids? Which ones do you think your children will enjoy best? Why not share your opinions with us and your fellow readers in the comments section below? Your feedback helps us to deliver the content that you want and need to help make your digital life both easier and more fun!

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