Top 5 Smartphone Door Lock Apps

Smartphone Door Lock Apps

Smart locks are one of the latest trends in “smart home” products. Most smart locks use an Android or IOS smartphone door lock app to control use of the lock, allowing guest entry to friends, family or contractors, giving detailed information on who uses the door and when. The app turns your smartphone into your keys, connecting to the smart lock as you approach and granting automatic access once it syncs with your phone.

Top 5 Smartphone Door Lock Apps

Here’s a look at some of the best on the market, and hopefully, you’ll find some ones that pique your interest and provide you the security you need.

Goji Smart Lock

The Goji Smart Lock uses a locking system that is easily installed over your door’s deadlock, with just a basic Wi-Fi set up needed to function. Once installed, the lock is opened by an Android or IOS smartphone door lock app, by Bluetooth fobs that come with the lock, or by traditional keys.

Goji - Smartphone Door Lock Apps
Goji Smart Locks use smartphone door lock apps instead of keys. Photo Credit: Rob Pegoraro

The Goji Smart Lock has an LED screen on the outside that displays a greeting to those using the door, as well as other information like time, date and status of the lock. The lock is controlled via smartphone app, so you can give ‘virtual keys’ to anyone, and even put a time or date limit on the validity of the keys you authorize. A photo of everyone using the lock, or anyone waiting at the door is sent to your phone and stored there via the app, so you can keep track of the comings and goings of your home.

The lock and smartphone app will automatically sync as you approach the door, so no more rummaging for keys. Goji Smart Locks are available for under $280.

Kevo and Smartphone Door Lock App

Kevo is a product of Kwikset, one of the largest and most trusted names in door locks. The Kevo lock will require a full installation to replace your existing lock, and works both as a traditional key lock, and as an eKey lock. Powered by an IOS smartphone door lock app, the Kevo has a sensor that connects with the Bluetooth of your iPhone when you are close, and you just need to tap the lock to activate it and open the door.

Through the app you can allocate eKeys to anyone, and manage the use of these keys, activating or deactivating them as needed. You can also lock or unlock the door remotely or with Bluetooth fobs. Kevo locks will set you back around $220.

August Smart Lock

The August Smart Lock is available for around $200, and replaces your existing deadbolt with a brushed steel sensor that connects to the August Android or IOS smartphone door lock app, or to a web app. The smartphone app receives notifications when people leave or enter the house, and you can allow guest keys via the app, with full control over what days and time these keys are active.

The August lock goes one step further than some other apps, allowing you to send invitations, thank you notes and leave instructions, etc., to guests, friends or contractors making it somewhat of a social smart lock. The lock is simple to install, so there’s no need for professional help, and as it runs on Bluetooth, it will not need access to a Wi-Fi system or need to be hardwired at all.


Lockitron is a simple lock that will fit over your existing deadlock, making it renter-compatible. At just under $180 it is one of the cheapest smart locks on the market, and it works via a smartphone door lock app or web app. Lockitron comes with built-in Wi-Fi, and will send notifications to your phone about who is using the lock and when.

The lock app allows you to grant keyless entry to friends and family, guests or contractors and like most of the smart lock apps, allows complete control over the time and date these locks are viable for.


Okidokeys is an easy-install unit that fits over your existing deadlock, and has the unique feature of employing multiple communication protocols that include near-field communications (NFC), Bluetooth 4.0, crypto acoustic credential (CAC) technology and radio frequency identification (RFID). The lock is controlled via Android or IOS smartphone door lock app, but also works with non-smartphone technology like text message entry, swipe card and even a bracelet that allows keyless entry to the user. Who has access and when is controlled via the smart lock app.

At just under $230, you get the lock, three wrist bands, three swipe cards, three key chains and a smart watch that will all grant keyless entry via the Okidokeys lock.

Getting a smartphone door lock app for you and your family is just one step toward using technology to keep your family and property safer.

Photo Credit: Wayne Homes