The Top 5 Android Social Apps

Android Social Apps

When it comes to Android social apps, there is an endless array of choices. From the insanely popular to the lesser known, these days it seems there is a social app for every walk of life and every possible interest.

5 Top Android Social Apps

A quick search in the Google Play Store might leave you uncertain as to what to get with all the options available to you, but let’s take a look at some of the more popular apps.


Even if you don’t have a Facebook account, you’ve heard of it. Almost everyone has a Facebook account these days. It’s one of the easiest and most convenient ways to keep in touch with family and friends, as well as things relating to your interests, too. Want to know what’s going on with a game you really like or a movie you’re waiting to come out? All you have to do is ‘like’ their page and you will instantly be kept up to date on what’s new.

Android social apps - FacebookIt’s also a great way to reach out and find new people or ones you’ve lost touch with. There are many ways to search for people on Facebook, after all, ranging from the city they live in to where they went to school and any mutual friends you might share. From old friends from school to distant relatives — Facebook helps you reconnect.

The Facebook app is not the only thing Facebook has to offer, though. It also has a side application known as Facebook Messenger. This cuts out your news feed, interests, and searches and gets straight to the point of private messaging. You can check who is online to chat with and talk to your friends without having to navigate the mobile site.


Twitter is another social media site that has hit it big where you can give brief summaries (140 characters or less) of what’s going on in your life. Though this site doesn’t seem to be as family-oriented as Facebook, it is insanely popular due to the fact that it’s a site that celebrities frequently use. (And you know these celebrities are the real deal because they have to go through a process to get their account ‘Verified.’) Want to keep up with your favorite author or singer? Look them up and follow them, and you’ll get to see their every update.

Android Social Apps - TwitterThis site is also great for people who don’t have a lot of time or people who like for things to move quickly. Twitter is perfect for that. Also, you can search by words or use hashtags to find people who are interested in what you’re interested in or let others find you.

Twitter was one of the first social media sites to adopt this hashtag method, a method that Facebook eventually picked up on and began to use as well.


In the beginning, Instagram was an app strictly for Apple users. Only in recent years did they finally develop an Android app, and since they have, countless people have downloaded it and started sharing.

Android Social apps - InstagramWhat’s this site for? Easy and simple — pictures. Take pictures of your dog, your plants or yourself and not only can you upload them instantly for everyone to see, but you can also edit your pictures, applying different filters, borders, or crops to your images. It works as the most basic of photo editors.

A lot of people use this site to not only visually share their day, but also to help promote their business. Nail shops, salons, tattoo artists and more create business accounts and upload pictures of their work. Like Twitter, Instagram employs the hashtag system which enables users to search and find pictures of certain things.


Android Social Apps - SnapchatOne of the newest crazes is Snapchat. Like Instagram, it’s for pictures, but this one is a little different — you send images to specific users and they can only view that image for a set number of seconds until it’s gone forever. You can draw on the pictures that you take or write on them.

A lot of people use this program to visually express quick thoughts or interesting pictures throughout their day, or to chat using images.This is one of the most popular Android social apps with the younger generations.


Lastly, we’re going to talk about Tumblr. Tumblr is an app that allows you to post pictures, texts, videos, songs or pretty much anything you want to share with other people.

Android Social Apps - TumblrNot only will your followers see what you post, but you can also use the ‘tag’ feature (similar to hashtags on other social media sites), so that anyone who wants to look up a specific word will find your post, so they can comment on it or reblog it.

Reblogging is one of the most popular things in the Tumblr community. It means simply that you see a post, you like a post, and you share it with your followers. Whether it be videos of cats, thoughts on serious matters or pictures of your favorite actor, Tumblr has a little bit of everything for everyone.