Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Techies


Stumped what to get your favorite technophile for Christmas? No worries! We have you covered with this list and overview of the top Christmas gifts for techies!

For the Absent-Minded Techie

Tile: Does your tech lover frequently lose things, like the keys, their wallet or purse, or even the remote control? Tile puts an end to losing things. Just attach a tile to your keys, luggage or other device that you frequently lose, and bluetooth will pair the tagged item with your smartphone.

Whenever you have your phone and wander more than 100 feet away from the tagged device, you will be alerted so that you won’t forget your item. The app also records the last location where your tagged item and phone were in the same place, which makes retracing your steps to find an item a breeze. The indicator on the app works as a homing to device to let you know as you get physically closer to your phone, and uses Crowd GPS to help you more easily locate your lost item. The app allows your phone to track up to 8 tagged devices. Each tile tag is just $25 and ships to you within 10 days, which means you have just enough time to place your order and receive it before Christmas!

A Smart Toy for the Young at Heart

Anki Drive: This is an exciting toy for the whole family to play with during the holidays! Older tech lovers might well remember the die cast miniature cars and track sets from their youth and fantasize about what those little car sets would be like if they had been made with “smart” technology. Well, wonder no longer! Anki Drive turns the dreams of kids of all ages into reality.

Starter kits are now on sale for just $99 and come with two robot cars and the vinyl track. Just roll out the track, download the smartphone app, and get ready to take control of your sleek mini car as you race and battle around the track with your friends and loved ones! Additional cars are currently available for $49.99 each.

A Gift for Lovers of Their Car and Tech

Mojio: This helps users protect their car and improve it’s performance. This tiny device connects to the port of the car’s on board computer. Users can monitor their fuel consumption with the device and smartphone app and then act to improve their gas mileage. The device will also send users and alert if someone hits the car or if it is suddenly towed away. The device can even alert others if such an event happens that will cause the user to be late for an event or meeting!

Parents can also use the device to be alerted when a driver goes over the speed limit and the device can be used to encourage safety by locking the use of phone calls and text while the car is in motion. Both of these features make the device a perfect gift for new drivers. The device starts at $149, and includes the first year of service. The Mojio is also an open platform, which means that third party developers are able to offer new updates and apps for the device more frequently.

Wearable Tech Gifts Available Now

Microsoft Band: You may be under the impression that if you’ve seen one fitness band, you’ve seen them all, but this latest offering from Microsoft seeks to change your mind. It has 10 sensors inside so that it not only counts the users steps and heart beats, but alerts them to things such as the need to slap on some sunscreen if the band registers UV rays. Unlike other bands, this one will work with practically any brand of smartphone and app, so users aren’t locked into only one brand to be able to utilize various apps and functions.

Users can even ditch their phone and wallet and still track their stats and enjoy a quick snack from Starbucks or other retailers on the go. Prices start at $200, so it’s a bit pricey for a stocking stuffer, but the perfect gift for the tech lover that’s fitness conscious and enjoys their freedom and mobility.

Smart Hats from Lifebeam: Ditch those obvious fitness bands! Tracks your heart rate, calories, steps, gait and rate. Uses bluetooth to connect to Android, iOS and Windows smartphones and tablets. Comes in sun visor and baseball cap styles, are washable and waterproof, which make it perfect for athletes or anyone on the go and living an active lifestyle.

Bluefingers Smart Beanies and Hoodies: Tired of loosing your ear buds every time you go for a run? Wish you could cover your head in the cold and still listen to great sound? Bluefingers has you covered with their selection of smart beanies and hoodies! This UK company’s smart beanies and hoodies fully integrate the headphones into the head cover, which allows you to wear the beanie or hoodie and still enjoy hands free great sound! Products are waterproof so they can be washed and remain charged up to 60 hours on standby. Beanies are currently on sale for £24.99 and hoodies are on sale for 39.99.

Gift for the Tech-Loving Photographer

Now photographers of all skill levels can easily get rid of the red eye in their digital camera and smartphone photos with this easily portable Pocket Spotlight for just $30!

Christmas Gifts for Techies with Pets

Enjoy playing fetch with your pup, but unfortunately your dog just doesn’t know when to stop? Tire out your pooch instead of your arms with ifetch for $100. The device throws tennis ball sized balls for your small to medium sized dog to chase and fetch. Pair this gift with Whistle, to track your dog’s diet, activity levels and medication schedule for just $99, or read out article for ideas for other smart gifts for pets!

Let us know what you thought of our list of Christmas gifts for techies in the comments section below. What are you getting your technophile for the holidays?

Photo Credit: MetaphoricalPlatypus