Tips for Moving with Atlas Van Lines


Moving with Atlas Van Lines can be what you make of it. An old saying that a supervisor had comes to mind: “Proper planning prevents poor performance.” No matter what you’re doing, this is true. Once you’ve decided on Atlas as your moving company, there are a number of things you can do to make you move go more smoothly.

Moving with Atlas Van Lines: Step 1 — Decide Who Packs What

Atlas Van Lines services include packing your belongings using professional-grade materials and boxes. However, although every Atlas agent is a certified ProMover which means that whether they’re packing a set of folding chairs and a table or your fine crystal and silver you can be sure your belongings will be packed as safely as possible. However, I have some things that I like to pack myself, and they’ll sell me the same materials they use at a good price if I need it.

Step 2 — Review Helpful Guides on Atlas Website

Atlas wants to make moving with Atlas Van Lines as easy as possible whether you let them pack everything or you decide to economize by packing everything yourself. For those that need some pointers on how to properly and efficiently pack certain things, Atlas offers a number of guides to help you out. For instance, if you have some electronics or aquariums that you’re not sure what to do with, there are guides to help you.

Get Your Services Moved

Satellite, Internet, and Cable TV providers such as DirecTV, XFINITY, and Time Warner Cable all have contact pages that allow you to instantly notify them of your pending move that you undergo no interruption of service. DirecTV also offers special pricing for those that are moving their services between areas.

Do You Have Cars that Need to Be Moved?

With my fascination with cars, there have been times when I have owned more vehicles than I have had licensed drivers. If you fall into this category, or you have an old classic that can’t be driven, Atlas can help. Atlas can also help for those cars that run but that can’t be driven on city streets or freeways. Atlas Car Movers take the same amount of care of your car, truck, or motorcycle that you would, ensuring that It arrives in the same condition it left in.

Label Everything that You Can’t See into to Make Sorting Easier Upon Arrival

This may seem like a no-brainer but you would be surprised at how many people don’t understand how to properly label boxes for moving to better help them when they get to their destinations. Sure, you can label something “kitchen” or “dining room,” but if you label with more precision, you make getting those boxes empty much easier.

The simple “kitchen” label can be further broken down into “Kitchen-food prep items” or “kitchen-silverware” Since I’ve got multiple home theater/entertainment center items that go into separate boxes, I label everything so I can get to them in the order I need. I also bundle the cables, cords, and connectors for each component together and then tape them to the bottom of that component. This makes it so I don’t have to paw through different boxes finding my cables and cords.

Pack Electronics and Delicate Collectibles Correctly

If you don’t want to pack your electronics and other delicate items in foam as I outline here, you can use the supplies that Atlas can supply you with. Items that need either need to be kept humidity-controlled or sealed from the elements can be wrapped in stretch wrap. Electronics, knick-knacks, and other delicate objects can wrapped in bubble wrap and them placed in boxes partially filled with packing materials. Atlas can also supply you with double- and triple-walled boxes that provide more safety and security for your valuables than most other boxes.

Get a Tax Deduction for All or Part of Your Moving Expenses

Moving can be expensive. If you’ve got quite a few things to move, it can be even more so. This means that every little thing that can be done to defray the ultimate cost of the move can help ease your stress levels some. Atlas agents can tell you if you qualify for certain tax deductions when you move. Although you won’t see this money immediately, it will help either defray your tax bill or maybe even garner you a refund.

Photo Credit: Terry Ross