Time Warner Internet Offers Good Deals

Time Warner Internet

Time Warner Internet has service plans to satisfy Web surfers of all levels. If you want a simple plan for online browsing and connecting with friends and family, there is a perfect plan just for you! If you need excitement and fast connections for online gaming and video streaming, Internet service plans that offer power and speed will get you there! Your choices include a variety of bonus features and perks, as well as security tools for protection while you surf the Web.

Time Warner Internet Speed Options

Whether you want a basic Internet service plan or your goal is to blaze your way across the web at the speed of light, Time Warner Internet has a service plan just for you! The Lite Plan will let you navigate the Web with download speeds to 1 Mbps. Customers that want basic services to connect with friends and family through email or want to browse the web, but do not have heavy usage needs, will like this option.

If you a need a little more speed and power when surfing the Web for tasks, such as downloading documents, Time Warner Cable’s Basic Plan will give you what you need. Download speeds for the Basic Plan can go up to 3 Mbps. With this option, you can browse and connect with family members or close friends on popular social networking sites.

Time Warner Internet

The Standard Plan will give you the added boost needed to view videos and enjoy online shopping. This option is a great choice for checking out your favorite sites on the Web such as clipping coupons or looking for great sales and deals! With download speeds topping off at 15 Mbps, you can’t go wrong!

The Turbo Plan provides download speeds to the top rate of 20 Mbps, which is great for streaming online video content. This plan is also a great choice for college students or those that need an Internet service that will let them quickly download large documents.

When each member of your family wants to connect to the Internet at the same time, you need power and boosted speed! Time Warner Cable’s Extreme Plan gives you lightning fast connections with download rates topping off at 30 Mbps. Online gamers and those that need a strong connection for streaming videos will like the Extreme Plan.

Time Warner Cable’s top-of-the line service is the Ultimate Plan that lets you surf the web with speeds up to 50 Mbps. This is a fantastic option for homes that need a service plan that will support several users and let them all connect and surf together. The Ultimate Plan is also a great choice for home office workers.

Customers that are always on the go and regularly use mobile devices will be happy to know that Time Warner Cable also offers WiFi Hotspots. With Wi-Fi Hotspots, you will be able to quickly connect using your wireless mobile device. This bonus feature is available free of charge for all Internet service plans, except the Basic Plan.

Great Features that Provide Security and Protection

No matter which Internet service plan you go with, Time Warner Internet includes protective monitoring tools to safeguard your computer. McAfee AntiVirus comes standard, free of charge, to watch over and block intrusive viruses and unwanted spyware.

Added benefits of the McAfee software include firewall protection to block potential hackers from gaining access to your computer while surfing the Internet. The software will also regularly scan your computer system and keep it safe and provide a protective eye on your emails and any attachments for damaging viruses.

If you want the added reassurance of protection so that you can monitor access and control what sites your family members navigate to online, McAfee Family Protection will provide the protection you need. It is a great tool that is good for keeping a watch against access to potentially harmful sites on the Internet.

When using McAfee Family Protection, you can control family members from accessing content on the Internet that may be harmful or offensive. Parents also have the option of monitoring and limiting the amount of time that their children spend when online and can control and prevent downloading of content that may not be appropriate for their age.

Backup Support Services Include Your Choice of Chat, Phone or Email

Customers that need help and guidance can connect with Time Warner Internet support services in several ways. The online chat option is a great choice because it is available around the clock on a 24-hour basis every day of the week. If you have Time Warner Cable’s Internet service and want to start an online chat with one of their service representatives, it is both easy and fast.

Some customers may prefer to call Time Warner Cable to speak directly with customer service. Their website has a toll-free number for your convenience to assist you with any problems. Do not forget to check for Time Warner Internet service plan options where you live by entering your street address on Digital Landing to verify availability.

Photo Credit: Bruce Parker