Time Warner Cable Kansas City: Service Basics

Time Warner Cable Kansas City

If you live in Kansas City, you have a choice when it comes to digital services: Internet, Cable TV and Home Phone services are offered by a number of providers, each with their own benefits.

Here’s a rundown on your options for Kansas City technology deals.

Time Warner Cable Kansas City

Your first option is Time Warner Cable, which has a significant presence in Kansas City. Many users take advantage of TWC’s reasonable Cable Internet pricing or choose to bundle their services and also grab Home Phone and Cable TV services at the same time. The company offers three Triple-Play packages starting with a $70 per month option that includes over 70 TV channels, 3 megabytes-per-second (Mbps) Internet connection and Home Phone service with voicemail.

For $120 per month, you can get 200 channels including HBO and HD-DVR service along with Turbo Speed Internet (20 Mbps). If you’re looking for pure Internet speed, try TWC’s Ultimate Internet plan, which provides up to 50 Mbps download speeds, upload speeds of 5 Mbps and 10 gigabytes of email storage space.

Time Warner Cable relies on coaxial television cables to deliver all of its Internet services, which are faster on average than those delivered using traditional phone lines. TWC is also the second-largest telecommunications provider in the United States and are often praised for high uptime and connection reliability.

Comcast in Kansas City

Comcast is another popular option if you’re looking for Home Phone, TV and Internet services in Kansas City. This cable provider also offers a number of Triple Play packages in its Xfinity lineup, beginning with its Starter package at $99 per month.

The Starter comes with 80 channels, 25 Mbps Internet speed and unlimited nationwide talk and text for $100 per month. At the high end, Comcast offers its HD Complete package featuring 200 channels, 50 Mbps download speeds, Home Phone service and an AnyRoom DVR. On the Internet-only side of the equation, you can get 6 Mbps download speeds for $50 per month, or upgrade to 105 Mbps for $115 per month, which includes access to 500,000 WiFi hotspots.

Comcast also relies on Cable Internet connections, which can get bogged down if multiple users all attempt to connect to the same cable “pipeline” at the same time. On the whole, Comcast’s offerings tend to be more expensive than those from TWC.

Google Fiber Goes to Kansas City

If you’re not interested in Comcast or Time Warner Cable Kansas City options, Google Fiber is another choice. Google deals directly with consumers and neighborhoods to deliver fiber optic Internet service. Instead of relying on phone lines or coaxial cables, this Google service uses fiber optic cables. These cables contain glass tubes which transmit light pulses and are therefore not affected by lightning storms, rain or other weather events.

For download speeds of around 5 Mbps, Google charges nothing per month but requires a $300 “construction fee.” This cost covers the expense of the company running a fiber optic line directly to your house, and also lets them branch off that line for future developments. If you prefer something faster, you can pay $70 per month with no construction fee with promises of up to 1 gigabit download speeds. It’s worth noting, however, that Google Fiber isn’t available everywhere in the city and many outlying areas have yet to receive the infrastructure necessary to support fiber optic cables. The company does offer an Internet and TV bundle for $120 per month that includes 200 channels and 1 terabyte of storage on Gmail, Google Drive and Google+ Photos, but does not include Home Phone service.

Kansas City Internet, Phone and TV options are widening as established players like TWC and Comcast go up against new competitors like Google. For consumers, the bottom line is better prices and improved service, as companies look for ways to increase Internet speeds and create bundles that offer the right mix of access, reliability and price.