Time Warner Cable Answers Call For 1 TB Arris DVR


Time Warner Cable joined a few other providers in offering what’s being termed a Super DVR, now that they have rolled out the six-tuner, 1 TB Arris DVR.

Last week, TiVo announced their new Mega DVR, which happens to have 24 TB of space, allowing users to record 4,000 hours worth of high-definition programming. Verizon also has a 2 TB DVR, with 12 tuners, and Dish Network’s Hopper can record eight different shows at once.

Time Warner Cable’s Arris DVR is considered an enhanced DVR, which records up to 150 hours of HD programming, and it also has the capability of taping six different shows at once.

“DVR customers are passionate about watching what they want, when they want,” said Time Warner Cable executive VP, Chief Product, People and Strategy Officer Peter Stern. “Our new Enhanced DVR transforms our customers’ TV experience by allowing them to record all their favorite shows at once and store a vast library of programming,”

For now, the new Arris DVR will be rolled out in New York City and Los Angeles, the two biggest cities in Time Warner Cable’s footprint.