Modern Home Automation Control

Modern Home Automation Control

The home owner in search of simplicity and those wanting to remove some of the clutter and confusion from their lives may be interested in home automation. Home automation control gives you the ability to operate many of your household functions either remotely or from a controller. It can allow you to operate your appliances, the garage, lighting, timers, home security, and any other electronic device you have in the home with the push of a button.

Eliminate Clutter

One key to home automation is the elimination of multiple controllers. All controller functions can be programmed into one universal remote. Another popular form of control is operation through the use of an application on a smart phone or tablet.

Look at the controllers you have and you may find that you currently have the ability to do some of this. Many remotes provided with your entertainment systems can be programmed to operate several other units, refer to your user manual or our article on Universal Remote Programming.

Simplify Life

Automation Control can make your life easier. With an automated home you can do all sorts of things with the push of a button. You can turn off all the lights in the house with one remote, or program them to automatically turn off by a certain hour.

An automated home can include smart appliances in your kitchen. Using your smart phone, you can look at the contents of your fridge and figure out your dinner menu or write your grocery list. If you are short on time you can even have your fridge automatically order essentials when they get low.

If you are stuck in traffic you can turn the oven on to preheat, so all have to do is pop the food in when you get home.

Imagine you are at work when you suddenly find out that you are going to have company for dinner. With an automated system you can activate your robotic vacuum and floor washers and have a clean house before you or your company step through the door.

Peace of Mind

When traveling or on vacation you can easily monitor your home systems. You can choose random times to turn on lights, stereos or televisions to give the illusion that someone is home. With remote operation and monitoring you can easily tell if you forgot to set the alarm and activate it, or you can turn it off remotely for those times when your neighbor drops off the mail, or the kids unexpectedly return from college.

Without being home you can water the lawn, vacuum the floor or even record your favorite TV shows. You won’t need to worry about catching up on yard work or cleaning when you return from your vacation.

Cut Expenses

Automating your home can help you reduce operational costs. Automating lights and heating reduces energy consumption by minimizing their use when you are not at home. Your summer water bill can be reduced by setting sprinklers to run for a limited time in the middle of the night, when there will be less evaporation and the water has time to penetrate the ground. You will no longer have to stay up late, or get up early, to tend to your yard and garden, everything is set on timers and will do it for you.

Your Home, Your Choice

When setting up a home automation system, you are the one making the choices and deciding what you wish to automate and how far you want the automation to go. There are hundreds of automation options out there. You can go with something as simple as a remote security system or go all the way and tie everything into your computer or smart phone systems.

With a home automation control you can simplify your life. You can create a unique home setting and you can automate many things, connecting them to one simple controller. You can connect them to a remote, a tablet, or a smartphone, whichever makes your life easier.

Several companies such as ADT, LG, iRobot and your local cable companies are working to make your life simpler and to give you automation options. Perhaps in the near future, everything will be controlled from your smart phone.

Eliminate the clutter, lower costs, and simplify your life, by adding home automation features in your house either as individual units, which you program yourself, or by looking into one of the complete home automation systems currently on the market, which can set everything up for you.