Time For a Cell Phone Upgrade?


I don’t leap to the newest technology every time a new phone or feature is announced, but I’d seen enough of the advantages of smartphones to realize that I wanted to do a cell phone upgrade. I also wanted to take a hard look at my cell phone plan to make sure that I wasn’t overpaying.

My service provider allows plan changes at any time, with no minimum wait. An analysis of my calling time showed I was paying for unused minutes, so I moved to a lower plan that still had unlimited messaging and data.

I was eligible for a phone upgrade. On my provider’s website, I could narrow my search by price, operating system, manufacturer and style (for example, slider or touch screen). I liked that I could select four phones and reviewed their features in a comparison chart.

There were several phones that would be free as an upgrade, and at the top of the list was an iPhone 4 8GB. This seemed to me a great deal. The iPhone 4 had all the features I looked for:

  • Apple’s advanced mobile iOS operating system
  • 8GB storage
  • 3.5 inch diagonal display
  • 5.0 megapixel camera – adequate as my primary camera is a Nikon with 16.1 MP and 14x optical zoom
  • Reasonable 7-hour battery life

Other iPhones that were not free had more storage (16GB, 32GB), but I also have an iPod nano. I don’t plan on loading the phone up with movies, so the 8GB should be adequate for any additional applications.

The Siri voice recognition feature available on the iPhone 5 and 4S is not included with the iPhone 4. This may be something I’d like to add at a future phone upgrade, though.

After all my changes, I am paying less for my service and enjoying a terrific new free iPhone, with some great free games. It really pays to step back and take time to do research before committing to a cell phone upgrade with a new plan. I expect to keep my iPhone for quite a while, but who knows what new technology may be around the corner?