Tile Smart Tracking Device Tethers and Protects Your Valuables


The innovative Tile Smart Tracking Device will keep you connected to and help you track and locate almost anything. Whether you misplace a set of keys, cannot find your smartphone or your family pets have crossed the Invisible Fence, a tethered Tile device will come to the rescue and reunite you in no time at all.

Connect to and Track Misplaced or Lost Items

With its capability to use the downloaded app to tether up to 8 Tile devices, consumers can more easily keep connected to their favorite things. The design of the Tile is innovative so that users can either use the double sided adhesive to stick the unit to an item or use an attached key ring to put the Tile device on a pet’s collar.

Looking for ideas for how you can use the Tile Smart Tracking Device to keep connected to and to locate lost items? Keep a Tile with your smartphone so you will never have to wonder around hopelessly searching and looking for your misplaced mobile device. Some consumers may want to use Tile by tethering it to their keys, handbags, and luggage or even to their bicycles in the event it is stolen.

How Tile Works to Track and Locate Lost Items

Tile works in conjunction with the downloaded app that is compatible with both Apple iOS and Android mobile devices that use smart Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0 technology. The tracking range with Tile and Bluetooth extends to a maximum distance of up to 100 feet.

The Tile app does not use traditional GPS technology to track your misplaced or lost item. The device works by noting the last recorded location of the item. As you start the search for a misplaced set of keys or other items, your smartphone works in conjunction with the Bluetooth Low Energy technology to track the Tile device that is tethered to the lost item.

When tracking something you misplaced, Tile will display a tracking circle on your smartphone that slowly lights up as you get in closer proximity to the lost item. This way, you know if you are going in the right direction as you track and locate the Tile device that is tethered to the lost item. The Tile device will sound off a unique melody that will continue to play until you are successfully reunited.

Tile Community Find and Support for Members

Tile offers a unique support service known as Community Find that benefits consumers when they lose or misplace something. When other Tile Community Find members are nearby, their own Tile app will send an anonymous notification to the Tile system when they are in proximity to the item you have lost. The user that lost the item can get an email update to let them know that the Tile system has located the lost item that it is tethered to.

Tile users may wonder if others can access and see the devices they have tethered with the Tile app. According to Tile support, only registered users of each Tile device can access and see their Tiles on the system. The system data contained for each registered Tile does not include what Tile defines as “personal identifiable information.”

Tile Technical Specs and Features

Tile is smartly designed and compact in size, measuring in at 37mm in width by 37mm in length and 5.3 in thickness. The device was designed to be water resistant although not totally waterproof so you should not swim with it.

Options for attaching Tile include the double adhesive for sticking it to an item or using the pre-drilled hole. You can stick Tile to your bicycle with the adhesive backing or attach a key ring to the device so that it can be tethered to your pet’s collar.

The Tile was created to be durable with no required upkeep or maintenance. There is no need to replace a battery or recharge the unit. The device was designed to work at optimum levels for a period of one year. At that time, consumers have the option of turning in their used Tile devices to be recycled and then getting a new Tile.

Tile Customer Service and Support

The support page on Tile’s website offers consumers a great resource of informative articles and a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page to provide helpful guidance. Users can learn more about how Tile works and all its great features as well as connect with Technical Support to resolve problems. Tile comes with a 1-year hardware limited warranty and offers a 30-day money back refund policy so that consumers can either exchange the device for a new one or get a full refund.