This Smart Camera Can Enhance Your Peace of Mind


The Kuna Smart Camera can help you achieve that goal of everyone-peace of mind. To be honest, any camera, when properly installed and used can do that. We’re seeing more and more of this type of camera lately, though. In the past, the deterrent of cameras was that the “bad guys” were more likely to be caught because the camera allowed them be seen, when the crime was being investigated.

Security Cameras are Getting Smarter These Days

I can still remember when I was first introduced to video surveillance outside of government buildings and hotels. My dad was having problems with money disappearing at his service station, so he had three cameras installed to watch the cash registers and the front of the service building. The video recorder was a glorified VCR that allowed for 24 hour monitoring through the use of time lapse photography. Those cameras didn’t help stop the money from disappearing, but they did help decipher where that money was going. Those cameras were also big and quite obvious.

These days security cameras are smaller and can be disguised as just about anything you can imagine. They’re also enabling interactivity with the area being covered. We’ve gotten past cameras that can only transmit video signals by wire to wireless cameras that use Bluetooth and Wi-Fi signals. Most of these camera systems can be integrated into security systems and broadcast video to a security center and/or your computer or mobile device.

Motion Capture Cameras are Old News

The one thing that all older camera surveillance systems (CCTV) had in common was that if you wanted to save space on the recording medium, you sacrificed video quality and either went with stop-motion/time lapse photography, or needed an expensive system that was able to start recording when motion was detected. As someone that installed these systems, I can tell you they never worked as well as advertised and it’s an understatement to say that they were difficult to configure properly.

The Kuna Smart Camera is Even Smarter Than That

Instead of hard to understand algorithms, the Kuna smart camera makes use of infrared motion detection technology to trigger recording. However, that’s not all. Imagine this scenario: You’re on vacation with your family and someone approaches your front door with the intention of relieving you of some of your property.

With older surveillance systems, that burglar gets in, cleans out your house, and then makes off. When you get home, you turn the tape over to the police and give your insurance company the police report and hope that they pay you enough to at least replace half of what you lost.
With the Kuna system, when that person is still approaching your front door, you get a notification on your cell phone, with video. If it’s someone you know and trust you can let them know you’re not there, but if it’s a bad guy, you can engage them and make them believe that you are home. When that happens, guess what? they go away and pick on someone else.

Wait. I can engage them before they even knock on my door to see if I’m home? How? The Kuna smart camera is part of a smart porch light system and that system also contains a waterproof speaker and microphone. So you can talk with them. “Hey, I’ll be right there!” The bad guy says “you may be right here, but I won’t be, I’m beating feet!”

Feeling Lazy? Let Your Friends Let Themselves In

Imagine you’re in the kitchen early Sunday afternoon getting ready for the football game, your hands are covered in avocado from fixing guacamole and someone knocks on the door. With the technology that Kuna represents, you can tap your mobile device and tell your guests to let themselves in. You can also use it to tell solicitors to get lost without leaving the couch.

Even better, if your kids get home from school before you get home from work, you can answer the door if someone knocks when they’re home alone. If it’s a bad guy, since there’s an ear-piercing alarm built into the device, you can either activate that or call the police. Peace of mind. You’ve got to love it.

Installation So Easy You Don’t Need Me

Yes, I said that and I’m actually pushing a product that can put me out of business. If you can install a light fixture, you can install the Kuna smart camera. That’s because it is a light fixture. Ok, that’s partly incorrect. It’s contained in a fully functional porch light fixture resembling a coach light (there’s also a contemporary styled light fixture as well). It is literally two screws and three wires. Check it out:

  1. Turn off the light at the switch.
  2. Remove the two screws securing the old light to the house.
  3. Remove the wire nuts securing the wires together (the ground may be bolted to the light.).
  4. Hand the old light to someone else.
  5. Reconnect the power (black) and neutral (white) wires and the ground (green).
  6. Place the fixture against the wall with the mounting holes lined up.
  7. Insert the thumb screws and tighten.
  8. Install a bulb and test the light.
  9. You’re done.

Kuna Provides for Programmable Lighting

I don’t know about you, but after a hard day’s work, I don’t want to have to get up to turn on the light outside if I’m expecting somebody. Kuna lets me relax by allowing me to program the light to come on at certain times, only when motion is detected, or at the tap of a button on my phone. I can also program it to come on only during certain hours, or only during certain hours and only when motion is detected. Speaking of the motion detection, unlike other motion-activated lights and cameras, since this one has smart technology, you can teach it to ignore the motion of trees and animals. I highly recommend this.