This GPS Collar for Pets Lets You Say Goodbye to Lost Cats

petTracer GPS Collar with other Collars

This is probably the best GPS collar for pets on the market today. This is petTracer. I’ve seen a few other collars for pets that allow you to track your pet’s whereabouts, but they’ve been ungainly and unsightly. In short, not something I would submit my pets to. Not only would they be uncomfortable, they’d also be the laughingstock of the neighborhood pets.

Other Similar Devices Were Adapted for Feline Use

Cats quite often get the short end of the stick when it comes to new and innovative products. What usually ends up happening is that something that was originally designed for other uses are adapted for use for cats.

One example of this is tracking devices for pets. I’ve seen GPS collars that were originally designed for dogs modified so they fit cats better. Better, not properly, mind you. I’ve also seen makeshift collars with key locator tags sewn into them. petTracer is the first cat collar that I’ve seen designed from the get-go for cats.

What is the petTracer GPS Collar?

petTracer is the first tracking collar for cats that I know of that was designed by cat lovers specifically for cat lovers. Instead of a collar for small and medium-sized dogs with a tracking tag stitched in, petTracer is a cat collar with a specially-designed GPS tracking tag installed unobtrusively.

petTracer incorporates technology that is patent pending for miniaturization, energy efficiency, and accuracy into what looks like a standard cat collar with break-away latch. In one of the pictures on the Indiegogo site they show someone holding several cat collars and the only thing that identifies this GPS collar is the name set in the side.

GPS Collar with Long Battery Life

One of the reasons older GPS collar brands were so big is battery life. Your pet can’t tell you when the battery in the collar dies, so they maximize energy efficiency and build in the biggest battery feasible. The problem is, the ideal collar for a cat weighs less than 25 grams and you don’t get much battery life for that size.

The technology in petTracer shrinks the components and makes them much more efficient, allowing for a much smaller battery that still delivers approximately four weeks of usable battery life. Even better, the battery in the petTracer collar are rechargeable, so you’re not running out and buying expensive batteries every month.

How petTracer Lets You Find Your Lost or Missing Cat

When your petTracer is shipped to you they also send a set of credentials that you use to login to your petTracer web portal account. Your cat’s name is tagged on a Google maps-like map of the area they’re in. If you have multiple collars registered for multiple pets, all of them will show up on the map with a different icon for each.

The web-portal is full of helpful features. If there’s a house with a dangerous kid or dog, you can set the portal’s map to warn you when your pet is approaching that area. The portal can be configured so that everyone in the family has access and individual access rights can be tailored for each family member. The portal is also your way of checking how much battery life is left in the collar’s battery.

GPS Tracking in Near-Real-Time

The petTracer site says that the tracking offered by the collar and the portal are in real-time. They aren’t, however. There is a delay that is brought about by the signals bouncing from your pet to the satellite to their servers and finally to your computer. The image giving you the whereabouts of your cats is probably delayed by as much as 20 seconds, so the delay is pretty negligible.

petTracer GPS Collar on Cat

petTracer is Currently a Fully-Funded Indiegogo Campaign

Since petTracer is an Indiegogo campaign, there are several “buy-in” options for consumers. For example, those that want to support them but don’t need a collar can donate five bucks and become and insider and get inside information. For $144, you can become an Early Bird adopter and be one of the first to obtain a petTracer GPS collar when they ship. This is a fifteen dollar discount over the regular price of $159.

However, it looks to me like you need more than just the collar to be able to track your pet. There’s a $250 package that has a collar, petTracer HomeStation, power adapter, and micro-USB bundled with a three year service contract. There’s also a special Family Bundle offer at the same price that comes with two collars. They also offer “Reseller Bundles” that include ten of everything needed that run about $1,500.