This Car Mobile Charger Beats Them All


This particular car mobile charger, in my opinion is the best I’ve seen yet. There are a number of car/mobile charger options out there, but they all fall a little flat when compared to the Air Dock 2.o. None gives the flexibility that this one offers. Let’s take a look at it and see what you think.

It’s More than Just a Mount

Most of the car mounts I’ve seen are pretty much just that, a mount, something that holds your mobile device while you drive. Air Dock 2.0 combines wireless charging with the mount capability. Embedded into the mounting surface itself is a Qi wireless charger. The Qi charger sets up a magnetic field that charges your mobile device without needing a charging cable to the device. Simply affix the mount where you want it and connect the power cord. A nano-suction base will securely hold your phone.

More Mounting Options than Other Car Mobile Charger Brands

Most devices like this that I’ve seen give you one choice of how to secure your mobile device mount. What’s worse is that not all of them work well or are comfortable in your car. When ordering your Air Dock 2.0 wireless car mobile charger, you will need to specify what type of mount you want.

There are four options. Two of these options consist of a stubby flexible/articulated joint attached to a suction cup. One of these is called the “Standard Mount for Textured Surfaces.” You can use this to secure your mount/charger either to the top or side of the dashboard. The other one is the “Standard Mount for Smooth Surfaces.” This works great for windshields. Both will hold securely even on slightly curved surfaces.

There’s also an option that comes with a long flexible arm instead of a stubby joint. The suction cup on this one only works for smooth or glossy surfaces, like the windshield. The final option is a flat puck that slides into the mouth of your CD player and securely holds your phone until you eject it.

How This Wireless Car Mobile Charger Works

Any time there is a flow of electricity through a wire, a magnetic field around this wire is formed. This electromagnetic field can be enhanced, or strengthened by wrapping the wire in a coil, especially when that coil is around an iron core. This magnetic field can be used to charge electronic devices through something called induction. The magnetic field charges the device’s battery, negating the need for a charging cable to be plugged into the phone.

No Tools Needed to Install or Use This Car Mobile Charger

Three of these car mobile charger options securely attach to the desired surface at the desired angle simply by holding the suction cup against the desired surface and flicking a lever. The other one requires you to simply slide it into the CD player. Easy peezy.

Affixing your mobile device to the charger is just as easy. The nano-suction pad that is attached over the charging coil acts like the suction cups on a squid’s arms or the feet of a gecko. There’s no licking the back of your phone, flicking a lever, or adjusting a pair of arms. Just place the back of your phone against the suction pad and it’s there until you want to remove it. A set of magnets is also used to ensure that your phone stays in place. They’ve even got a gif image showing how securely it holds your phone.

Where to Buy Your Air Dock 2.0 Wireless Car Mobile Charger/Mount

Air Dock is an Indiegogo campaign that has been fully-funded. This means that you can purchase your Air Dock on the campaign page, if you like. You can also go there to get more information before making up your mind. Air Dock also has a website where you can check out their other cool products. If you go to the Indiegogo page, an individual Air Dock 2.0 with the mount of your choice will run you about $85 for one and about $150 (a $20 savings). If you’ve got a list of people who would like their own Air Dock, there’s also a five-pack for $345.