Thinking of Replacing an Older TV?

Replacing an Older TV

Recently, I was faced with replacing an older TV in my home office. My daughter suggested that I upgrade to a flat-screen TV. And since my office doubles as an extra guest room, my grandchildren heartily approved this suggestion!

Choosing a flat-screen TV also allowed me to get a larger screen. The old, bulky TV had a small 13” screen. Since the flat-screen TV is a big space saver, I decided to get a 24” screen.

There were many other decisions I had to make:

  • LCD (liquid crystal display) or plasma? LED and plasma TVs are only made in much larger sizes. Plus, LCD TVs are more energy efficient, which is important to me.
  • High Definition (HD)? I definitely wanted this for a better picture! This required a visit to the cable office to trade in my regular cable box for an HD one.
  • Table or Wall-Mounted? On the table, like the old one. If I wanted it wall-mounted, I would have hired a professional installer to do the job for correct wiring.
  • Buy online or in store? It was easy and fun to use online TV comparison guides before venturing out to a retailer. In the store, we changed the TV settings to “home” mode to see how the picture will look at home.
  • Installation? My 24” TV was small enough for me to bring home and it was easy to attach the cable box and DVD player myself. If I had bought a larger TV, free delivery and installation would have been a necessity.
  • Extended warranty? Instead of paying for an extended warranty, consider using a credit card that can extend your manufacturer’s free warranty period.

One last consideration was disposing of the old TV. Since the tubes in older TVs contain lead and other harmful materials, they don’t belong in landfills. I checked with my local recycling center and followed their recommendations.

My whole family is enjoying the new HDTV, and I’m wondering now why I waited so long to upgrade!

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Photo credit: Jonas’ Design via photopin cc