The WakaWaka: A Portable Solar Power Charging Station


If you have been searching for alternative options to batteries to provide backup power and charging during outages or while traveling and on the go, then check out the WakaWaka Power station and light. Fueled by the energy of portable solar power technology, the WakaWaka will fully charge your mobile devices including smartphones and tablets.

A Mobile Charging Station and Light Source

The WakaWaka Power is a handy size portable charging station that harnesses the power of solar cells to give you a reliable source for charging small electronic devices as well as providing you with up to 150 hours of reading light. In addition to charging your smartphone or tablet, you can also use the WakaWaka to boost the charge on your MP3 or MP4 player and e-Reader.

It only takes about 12 hours in the sun to boost the WakaWaka Power up to a 100% full system charge. You can also use the micro-USB AC adapter to recharge the unit faster, which takes about 4 hours using this method. As a light source, you have several levels of brightness to choose from. Adjustability ranges from 5 lumens at low brightness up to 70 lumens for the top level super bright mode.

Cool features include the ability to engage the light mode while charging the unit at the same time. The WakaWaka Power comes with an emergency SOS beacon during times of trouble as well as an automatic energy saving level mode. In addition to the full-color product manual that comes standard when ordering the WakaWaka Power, an informative user’s guide is also available online to provide additional reference if needed.

Technical Specifications of the WakaWaka Power

When it comes to charging systems, such devices need not be large and cumbersome. Consumers will appreciate the portability and small size of the WakaWaka Power unit, which measures in at a handy 4.7″x0.6″x3″ for overall dimensions. The device will let you know when the battery charge is getting low and needs a reboost.

Indicator lights include one red LED for the solar charge, four green LED’s for the battery capacity, and one blue LED for the USB charge. There is a micro USB in-connector rated at 500 mA, and a USB out-connector rated at 1A. The battery is 2200 mAh LiPo with 1,000 cycles and is designed to be long lasting with a life expectancy of 5-7 years.

The WakaWaka is powered by the Intivation SunBoost Gen 3 chip. The outer housing is composed of recycled PC-ABS that features flexible, high impact resiliency. While using the unit to recharge your device, positioning options include placing the device on a table top, hanging it from a ceiling, or placing the unit on the top of a bottle. Built to last, the WakaWaka Power comes standard with a one-year warranty.

WakaWaka’s Buy One, Give One Sharing Strategy

The WakaWaka Power portable solar power charging station and light was promoted on the Kickstarter crowdfunding site. With the successful support and backing of 5,622 backers, the company surpassed their targeted goal of $50,000, reigning in a total of $419,472 on January 11, 2013.

The founders of WakaWaka, Camille van Gestel and Maurits Groen, are avid supporters of helping those less fortunate. The company’s mission includes providing humanitarian aid to those that live in poverty and do not have access to electricity. This includes situations that may have developed as a result of severe disasters such as the major earthquake that hit Haiti in 2010, where many people are still living without electricity.

As such, WakaWaka promotes a Buy One, Give One strategy when it comes to their products. When a consumer purchases a WakaWaka portable solar power charging station or the WakaWaka light, the company donates a unit to those in need.

Available color choices for the WakaWaka portable solar power unit include the options of sunny yellow, bold black, and vibrant white. You can purchase the WakaWaka Power directly on the company’s website for an affordable $79. The device would make a great holiday gift or cool stocking stuffer for mobile users always on the go.