The Smart Nest Protect Smoke Alarm Thinks and Talks


The Nest Protect Alarm is a multi-functional unit that monitors more than potential levels of smoke and carbon monoxide. As a smart device that can think, speak to users and communicate early warnings, it offers additional options to enhance daily living as well as provide protection against dangerous hazards.

Nest Protect Does Much More Than Just Beep

Consumers finally have access to a smoke alarm that was designed to do more than simply wake you up in the middle of the night to let you know that the battery needs to be replaced. The Nest Protect is a smart smoke alarm system that knows when to give you an early warning message when your toast is burning and when the time is right to sound off an emergency alarm for you to escape the hazards of smoke from a burning fire or deadly carbon monoxide fumes.

Nest is intelligent and will actually communicate with you using an authentic sounding voice that will let you know exactly what is wrong. The alarm system will tell you the location of the problem during the notification so that you and your family know how close in proximity you are to the potential danger while exiting.

Once you install the Nest Protect within several areas of your home, the system will provide you and your family with around-the-clock protection. You can check the status of the system and also receive notifications from your mobile phone or tablet when the Nest Protect is set up in conjunction with Wi-Fi and the downloaded Nest app.

Nest is a Multi-Tasking Smoke Alarm System

With its list of great features and options, the Nest Protect was designed to not only protect consumers and keep them safe, but to also keep them happy and content. The system was designed to provide 4 primary color-coded light notifications to keep you in the know and alert you when necessary.

At night when the room gets dark after you turn off the lights, the Nest Protect will let you know that the system is working properly and that the battery power level is good by briefly displaying a gentle Nightly Promise green glowing light on the unit. If you need to get up during the night, Nest Protect will gently light your way using a soft glowing white Pathlight that comes on automatically as you walk by underneath the unit.

The Heads-Up Early Warning notification is a gentle early verbal warning for those times when you may have burned some toast or other types of food while cooking in the kitchen. The alarm provides you with a voice notification so that you will know that you need to check out the situation to make sure that there is no danger. During the Heads-Up Early Warning, the color of the light ring on the Nest Protect will be yellow as it tells you the location of the smoke or fumes.

When a dangerous situation arises such as with smoke from a fire or dangerous levels of carbon monoxide fumes, the Nest Protect will engage the Emergency Alarm. The unit will pulse a red light, produce a loud sounding alarm, and also notify you of the location of the smoke and fumes to make sure that everyone is notified of the danger and is able to safely exit.

Product Features and Options for Consumers

Color options when purchasing the Nest Protect include black or white. Consumers can choose between the battery operated model or the wired (120V) version. The Nest Protect measures in at 5.28 inches in height, 5.28 inches in width, and 1.63 inches in depth. Weighing less than a pound, the unit is fairly lightweight considering it is only 12.4 ounces.

Nest Protect comes with a User’s Guide and Welcome Guide as well as a 2-year limited hardware warranty. The Nest Protect was designed to be environmentally friendly and “green” as it is mercury-free, PVC-free, and uses recyclable packaging materials.

Tech specs for the Nest Protect include several built-in sensors. This includes a photoelectric smoke sensor, carbon monoxide sensor, heat sensor, three activity sensors, ambient light sensor, and a humidity sensor.

System requirements include setting up a Wi-Fi connection and using the system in conjunction with a mobile phone or tablet. The Nest Protect and the downloaded app are compatible with iOS 5 or later as well as Android 2.2 or later operating systems. Consumers will get a free Nest account when purchasing the device.

Consumers can purchase the Nest Protect directly from the company’s site or explore other retail storefronts that also carry the product both online and in person. Some examples include Amazon, Walmart, Target, Home Depot, and Best Buy. Amazon lists the product as being a top best seller within the category of smoke and carbon monoxide alarms on their site among consumers.

Most retailers offer consumers the savings of free shipping when ordering the product online. The price is reasonable at $99 per unit considering the multiple functions and safety features that the product provides for consumers.