The Savant App: High-Class Home Automation for Busy Owners

Savant App - High Class Home Automation

Savant is a relatively young smart home company with a lot of big ideas about how to create a smart home. With the Savant app you can not only control smart devices, but also set personalized scenes and integrate a variety of unique services you would be hard-pressed to find elsewhere. However, Savant’s service-oriented system may have too high a price tag for some homeowners.

Savant App and Home Automation

Savant starts off like a great many brands in the home automation field, with the Savant app and compatibility with a number of smart light bulbs, thermostats, TVs, and security devices already on the market. You use the app, available on both Android and iOS, to set schedules and control your home. This is done through a system called Savant Plus, an interface managed through cloud services that allow homeowners to access all their features no matter where they are and receive updates or alerts if something isn’t working quite right.

The company has already partnered up with a large number of smart device manufacturers. On the entertainment side, the app works with Harman, Apple TV, Bang & Olufsen, and others. In lighting there is support for nuLEDs, Philips, and Lutron. Thermostats by Honeywell, Somfy, MechoSystems and others are supported (Nest is conspicuously absent from the list). The company also works with security services like Baldwin, Kwikset, SSS Siedle and IC Realtime. It also supports a number of streamers like Spotify for music-related entertainment.

What Makes Savant Different?

Savant is certainly not alone is partnering up with other companies to offer a system that can control a large number of devices. But its approach to home automation creation is unique. Rather than focus on the DIY aspects, the way that many of its competitors do, Savant looks at its system as a service that should come complete with installation and set-up.

The result is a network of 1,500 “Integrators” that will go into your house and set up the system for you, connecting all your devices under the Savant app and making sure everything works together properly. This takes care of the hassle of reviewing various protocols and formats and trying to get everything to work properly, a task many homeowners would rather avoid.

The company also offers a number of physical controllers for garage doors, fireplaces, hot tubs and so forth, additions to augment its app features. Some of its alerts are also unique, including notifications about the presence of water in the basement and compatibility with intercoms.

The Big Scene

Another unique offering from Savant is called “Savant Scenes.” These are advanced programming options that allow homeowners to create specific Scenes they can put into motion. These Scenes tap multiple devices all at the same time. For example, one scene might lower the lights, turn on the fireplace, and start a specific playlist. Once created, that Scene can be used on demand or scheduled for specific times of day – for example, you could arrange to turn the lights and heat on when you come home each day – but only in the kitchen and living room, leaving the bedroom cool while also saving energy.

Scenes can also be saved on the fly. If you find a particular moment where everything is just right, you can tap into your Savant app and save the settings of all your smart devices. Then you can bring up those settings again whenever you want and save them under headings like “Date Night” or “Wake Up.”

Paying For It

Savant seeks to bridge the casual, DIY smart home world with more traditional, professionally installed home services. The result is a service that is especially easy on time-strained homeowners, but comes with a very high cost compared to other brands on the market. Savant is clear about this: The system is designed for larger, more expensive homes and owners of a certain income level.

To integrate the services upon installation will cost your $1,000, but this only refers to the basic Savant system, not any devices. Add in all the smart home equipment you need, and the cost could easily meet or exceed several thousand dollars. On the plus side, you don’t have to worry about any of the details.

If you are interested in Savant’s services, the first step is to find an integrator, which you can do on the Savant website. You can also access builders and architects if you are interested in a much larger project.

Photo Credit: Costa Rica Beauty