The Parrot Flower Power: A Smart Plants Sensor System


If you need the guidance of a monitoring sensor to help keep your plants healthy and happy, then check out the Parrot Flower Power gadget. The system will do all the thinking for you by tracking your plants and assessing their essential growing requirements for proper lighting, nutrients, moisture and warmth. As an innovative Smart Plants device, the Parrot Flower Power will be your own personal gardener and alert you when attention is needed.

Bluetooth Smart Technology Protects Your Plants

The Parrot Flower Power is a cool gadget that resembles a forked tree branch. Using the device is simple and even novice gardeners that do not have a green thumb will enjoy setting it up. Insert the gadget within the soil next to the plants that need monitoring and then download the free Parrot app, which is compatible with both Android and iOS systems on your smartphone or tablet. Connectivity to the Parrot database for fact sheets on more than 7,000 plants works via intuitive Bluetooth Smart technology.

The innovative sensor system monitors the necessary parameters that plants need to grow and thrive. This includes assessing the essential levels of sunlight, temperature, fertilizer, and moisture. The Parrot Flower Power tracks the levels of light that your plants need to stay lush and green and will alert you if attention is needed.

If the soil becomes too dry, the sensor will notify you to let you know that it is time to water your plants and provide the necessary moisture. The device also continually monitors your plants for essential needed nutrients and the correct temperature levels to keep them warm.

How the Parrot Flower Power Works

Using a real-time sensor system to monitor your plants, the Parrot Flower Power tracks and stores data on a log and provides you with suggestions and helpful tips. The essential data for moisture, sunlight, fertilizer and temperature are collected and stored by the system’s sensors continually every 15 minutes. The information is then streamed to your Bluetooth enabled smartphone or tablet every 2 hours as a notification so you can respond to your plants’ needs and attend to them as necessary.

You can access the Parrot database that maintains info on thousands of plants to view the fact sheets and images for your own flowers to make sure you are meeting the necessary requirements to keep them healthy. The Parrot Flower Power is capable of tracking multiple plants simultaneously as long as they are all contained within the same pot or container. The device is designed to withstand environmental conditions common with growing plants and works well with both indoor and outdoor gardens.

Product orders include a Parrot Flower Power device, one AAA battery and a Quick Start user’s guide. The dimensions of the product are 15x20x2 cm with a weight of 170 g. Battery life with normal usage is rated at about 6 months. Color choice options include brown, green and blue.

More About the Innovative Company Parrot

The company that designed and developed the innovative and cool Parrot Flower Power has its corporate headquarters located in Paris, France. Established in 1994 by Henri Seydoux, Parrot is a driving force in the sphere of products that focus on wireless technology. The company’s expertise extends to offering other types of consumer products along the lines of home, audio and entertainment, such as the Parrot Zik 2.0 advanced headphones or the Parrot Zikmu Solo Hi-Fi stereo system.

While working on the Smart Plants project that led to the creation of the Parrot Flower Power, the company worked closely with universities as well as experts within the fields of agriculture and horticulture. The collaborative efforts provided team members with insight and inspiration used for designing the database used by the Parrot Flower Power to monitor and provide guidelines for healthy plant growth. The Parrot Flower Power gadget can be purchased from several online retailers, the list of which Parrot provides to consumers for easy access.