The Niwa Smart Garden System: No Green Thumb Required


Whether you are a city dweller with limited access to outdoor growing space or an avid gardener looking for an innovative way to grow fresh veggies and fruits, the Niwa Smart Garden System will do all the work for you … and you don’t have to be a great gardener to use it.

A Hydroponic Growing System That Works With Cloud Technology

The Niwa Smart Garden System is an innovative product that monitors and takes care of your plants for you. Niwa makes growing your favorite veggies and fruits easy and simple with a downloaded app that is compatible with Android and iOS systems. You can access your plants to see how they are doing no matter where you are by connecting to the cloud on your mobile device with the Niwa app.

Niwa does not require the use of soil so all your plants are able to absorb the necessary nutrients directly from the provided water. Irrigation is automatically provided so the Niwa Smart Garden System is intelligent enough to know when adjustments are needed based on the type of plants you are growing.

Niwa gives your plants sufficient light to help them thrive and grow. The smart lighting system uses sensor technology to gauge when the levels of lighting need to be increased or lowered. Proper amounts of heat and warmth are also administered to your plants regardless of the growing season.

Since the contained plants need air to grow, Niwa was designed with a built-in system that utilizes a fan to disperse a breath of fresh air for adequate ventilation. Niwa diligently monitors your plants for the right levels of humidity and temperature levels to help promote better growing conditions to keep your plants healthy.

Niwa’s Growing App Helps You Track and Grow Veggies and Fruits

Once you have planted your favorite veggie or fruit plants, the Niwa Smart Garden System will monitor their growing progress. Niwa understands the varying needs for different types of plants and comes loaded with settings that are specifically programmed for your plants.

The Niwa app will let you check in on the status of your plants and their growing conditions as well as give you an approximate time frame for when they will be ready for harvest. The Niwa Smart Garden System lets you view the variables for water and climate control so you can see the actual levels.

The system was designed to work well with a wide range of veggies and fruits and includes several built-in programs for the more widely known varieties. Niwa’s current design will grow certain varieties of vegetables, fruits, flowers, herbs and medicinal plants, and tropical plants. Niwa team members are currently working on developing enhancements to the system so that it will also accommodate root vegetables such as potatoes and carrots.

Technical Features and Specifications of the Niwa Smart Garden System

Consumers looking forward to growing some fresh veggies and fruits have a choice of three Niwa models to enjoy. The smallest model measures 27″ in height by 19″ in width by 8″ in depth. The standard and premium Niwa models have the dimensions of 35″ in height by 19″ in width by 8″ in depth. Color options include basic white for the mini and standard models with an upgrade using anodized aluminum poles for the premium model.

Niwa uses Wi-Fi technology to connect to the cloud and is compatible with Android and iOS operating systems. The system uses a brushless 12V fan that is 80mm in diameter. Version options include both 110V and 240V and the system has a 300L/h water pump. Niwa comes with a standard E27 lamp holder and provides light using a CFL lamp at 80/125W with a color temperature range rated at 6500K.

Availability of the Niwa Smart Growing System

The Niwa Smart Growing System was successfully funded on Kickstarter on June 21, 2014. With the support of 565 backers, the project managed to exceed its targeted goal of $100,000. A total of $151,173 has been pledged to Niwa team members for the manufacture and distribution of this innovative product. Estimated availability of Niwa for purchase and delivery is targeted for January 2015 and consumers excited and eager to get their hands on one can pre-order on the company’s website.