The Internet of Things for School


The traditional format of getting an education usually brings to mind the cerebral setting of an on-site college classroom with the instructor leading lectures and student discussions. The idea of a virtual, remotely taught course may spark some wonder and curiosity in the minds of aspiring students. When considering the Internet of Things for School, your available options today for online learning will both astound and excite you.

Discover and Explore Online Learning

The Internet of Things for School can be understood from multiple perspectives. The phrase “Internet of Things” revolves around the concept of virtually networking and connecting in order to transmit and share information and data. This virtual transmission can involve various types of technology and devices such as computers connecting with other mobile devices or even humans.

Education and online learning via a virtual platform works to keep students and teachers connected so that they can communicate with each other over a distance. Several decades ago the sphere of online learning was just emerging and traditional college learning only took place within a campus setting. At that time, most consumers were only aware of the typical, fly-by-night diploma mills that promised potential students full-fledged degrees only to quickly disappear and go out of business shortly after their students graduated. Advancements in technology have dramatically changed this scenario so that students now have more choices when considering online learning.

With the Internet of Things for school, the virtual setting of web-based learning offers a flexible schedule for studying and completing homework assignments. Students connect to their coursework online and are able to access and submit assignments as well as communicate with other students in online discussions. Online learning has dramatically changed so that students can now take individual courses or get an undergraduate or graduate-level degree from both public and private universities and colleges.

The Future of Education is a Virtual Classroom

The growing trend of virtually connecting with instructors and fellow students opens a whole new world of learning options that can take place from within the comfort of your home. A prime example of quality Web-based learning that is available includes free online courses offered by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology – MIT OpenCourseWare. The variety of free online courses offered by MIT is amazing, covering a wide range of subjects such as fine art, humanities, science, engineering and much more.

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC Learning) is another site for those looking for a great variety of free online courses. If your inspiration is to learn a new language, try some new cooking techniques, or acquire a gardener’s green thumb, BBC Learning is your online education connection. The site also provides courses to help you develop and sharpen your job skills, and includes tips for starting a new business.

For those students seeking to earn a degree online, U.S. News & World Report provides an in-depth overview of web-based programs available at public and private colleges and universities. The site explores and ranks both undergraduate and graduate-level programs in multiple subject areas. Helpful tips are offered to help you learn more about online learning and the benefits that if offers. You can also search through a directory of listings based on school name or program type.

Educational Programs May Include Free or Discounted Laptops

The Internet of Things for School benefits students by providing them with the necessary tools and devices to help them get connected. If you are a student enrolled in a degree program and are in need of a computer, you will be happy to learn that many schools provide their students with laptops or allow them to include the cost in their financial aid. Apple offers a student discount on laptops, desktops, tablets, iPads, iPhones, accessories and more. Dell enthusiasts seeking a student discount can save on laptops, desktops and other accessories. (NFS) is another great site that you will want to explore for an educational discount. NFS offers discounts on a variety of laptops, tablets, software, and accessories. Some popular brands include HP, Dell, Lenovo, and Apple. NFS also offers discounts for students that are earning their education from a school that has a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy.

Be sure to check out Consumer Reports for their listing of retailers and manufacturers that offer student discounts on computers and accessories. Great deals including offerings from Amazon Student, Best Buy, HP Academy, Lenovo Academic Purchase Program, and the Sony Education Store. Special deals will vary depending on each program and may include free shipping, gift cards and additional discounts for referring friends.

Some of the Best Things in Life are Free

With the Internet of Things for School, you have access to free, Web-based courses in addition to free online textbooks and eBooks. There are several great sites where you can explore and download free materials. Some sites you may want to check out include Project Gutenberg and

Another great option to consider to save money while attending school is to rent your textbooks. There are many online textbook rental retailers available. A price comparison tool that will help you save money is available on that displays a listing of textbook rental prices for multiple sites. Amazon and Barnes & Noble are also favorites among students that may want to purchase new or used textbooks as they include price comparison listings from additional marketplace sellers.

Depending on where you reside, your local library is another great resource for providing free eBooks that you can easily download onto your mobile device. Students will be happy to know that some libraries do provide eReaders for their patrons to borrow so that they can download eBooks for their studies. If your library does not lend out eReaders, watch for some great deals at your local discount stores and don’t forget to browse the Internet for special sales and clip coupons for even more savings.