The Doko Streaming Box: The Next Generation of PC Gaming


Your computer chair might be nice, and you probably have a decent monitor, but for those long gaming sessions you want comfort. It’s also nice to view your game on the big screen, after all, it’s just collecting dust while you sit in front of your tiny monitor. That is where the Doko streaming box, the next evolution in PC gaming, comes in.

At the Consumers Electronics show 2015, NZXT showed us a unit that was designed for PC gamers, the Doko. It is a PC game streaming mirroring device that has no platform restrictions. If you can play is on your PC, then you can play it on the Doko. It lets you bring the unrestricted play of your PC gaming to your living room without hauling your PC from room to room.

Doko Streaming Box for PC Gaming

It offers up 1080 at 30fps, so you will get some pretty good gaming visuals. It may not be 4K, but you probably don’t have a 4K anyhow (which might be a good thing with the new copy protection coming out). As for 60fps, they may not have that yet, but give them time, this is only the first model.

Doko is a PC streaming device that uses Gigabit Ethernet and HDMI to connect with your network and allowing you to easily use your PC and all of its functions from the comfort of your living room. Anything your PC can do, it can do. You can run office software, stream limitless media content and play PC games, all from your sofa.

It only has a few down sides so far, it’s not Wi-Fi capable and it only does 30fps. The latency on this is also going to be in the neighborhood of 50-80ms, so your big multi-player games are out. On the upside, it not only gives you access to your entire network, it also lets you access your Steam and GOG titles and play them on your big screen TV, from your sofa.

The Doko has four built-in USB 2.0 ports allowing for peripherals. Which means that this has just become your new solo gaming rig. Four USB ports let you connect your wireless keyboard, mouse, and controller, leaving one port open for whatever peripheral you may need. USB 2.0 ports also allow you to plug in the official Xbox 360 wired and wireless controllers. If your roommates or spouse don’t want to hear your game the box also has a built-in audio jack.

The latency and frame rate on this unit means that it still isn’t ideal for most multi-player titles, but you will still get a pretty good experience on most of your single player games. The Doko is currently available for around $100 from NZXT Armory. This true beauty of this unit is that it is available now.


  • 1080p 30fps PC Streaming
  • Four USB ports with USB Over IP technology
  • Low Latency Streaming(50-80ms)
  • Unchain the Power and Game Library of Your Desktop
  • Seamless Connectivity to Multiple PCs (Including Notebooks)
  • Wide Support for USB Input Devices
  • Perfect for Media Streaming Via Local PC Using Netflix and More
  • Weight: .70 lbs
  • Dimensions: 4.25″ x 1.14″ x 4.76″

This may not be the “be all” and “end all” of portable PC gaming yet, but give them time and lets see what they come out with next. At least they have come out with something unlike STEAM which has promised us something for a while now.

Forge TV is another potential competitor in this market, while potentially superior to the Doko with 60fps, it also is not yet available. Another disadvantage to Razer’s forthcoming Cortex: Stream service is that you’ll need to pay $40 for Cortex if you purchase just the base Forge TV. Another potential advantage for the Forge TV is that they offer superior hardware. It will ship with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM, and 16GB of built-in storage, whereas the Doko includes a single-core WonderMedia Prizm 8750 CPU, 256MB of RAM, and 8GB of capacity.

But as I said, the Doko streaming box is available … the Forge will get here eventually.