The Darma Smart Cushion: Your Sitting Coach and Guide


Who would have ever thought that a seat cushion would be smart enough to tell us that our posture is bad and that we need to stand up, stretch and take a break? The Darma Smart Cushion not only alerts you to bad sitting habits, but it also tracks and monitors vitals including heart rate and respiration, suggesting when it is time to relax and lower your stress levels.

A Smart Cushion That Helps You to Sit Up Straight

We all remember being told as kids to sit up straight and maintain a good posture. Most of us don’t notice until we get older that a sedentary lifestyle that includes prolonged sitting while at work often leads to physical discomfort.

Aside from the aches and pains of sitting for prolonged periods of time, we also need to realize that inactivity and a lack of exercise can lead to increased chances of health problems. These are some of the important reasons that the Darma Smart Cushion was developed for consumers.

Darma uses an easily downloaded app that is compatible with Android and iPhone. Using unique sensor technology, the device will keep an eye on your sitting habits and provide suggestions for improved posture.

Darma Monitors Vitals and Provides Live Feedback

When you are having a hectic day at work your Darma Smart Cushion will sense this through tracked vitals by monitoring your posture, heart beat, respiration and stress levels. Darma accomplishes this using fiber optic sensor technology that is embedded within the seat cushion.

Darma monitors focused areas of your body including the regions of the back, neck, and hips while you sit for extended periods. The device collects data and provides you with suggestions and guidance for correct posture and will let you know when you should take a break, stand up, and do some stretching exercises.

The seat cushion was designed using high quality, multiple layers of memory foam within the padding. Once charged, the product’s lithium-ion battery is good for up to one month of use before needing a recharge. Lightweight and portable for day-to-day use, the cushion measures 15.7″ x 15.7″ and is 1.2″ thick. The product includes a USB mini port and is Bluetooth 4.0 compatible.

Who Invented the Darma Smart Cushion?

Brilliant inventions can often attribute their success to the collaborative efforts of team members. The lead genius behind this innovative product is Dr. Junhao Hu. As the official founder and Chief Executive Officer of Darma, Dr. Hu’s credentials includes expertise in the field of optical communication and sensor technology.

Fellow team members at Darma include Jeff Fu who is in charge of the company’s hardware and manufacturing division. The software development division at Darma is lead by Vic Song while management of the business development sector is the responsibility of Sherif Kassatly.

Former Director of Life Sciences at NASA, Dr. Joan Vernikos, is sharing her expertise with this innovative company in her role as health advisor. As co-founders of the former company Red Octane, Inc. and publishers of Guitar Hero, Charles Huang and Kai Huang also provide support to Darma as technical advisors.

When Will the Darma Smart Cushion Be Available?

The basic product design and prototype specs for the Darma Smart Cushion were developed in September 2013. Moving forward, ongoing progressive advancements included market research and design followed by the current funding campaign on Kickstarter during the months of October and November 2014.

At the time of this article, the product has already received $165,808 in funding, surpassing its projected goal of $40,000 through the support of 744 backers. Once the Kickstarter campaign ends on November 14, 2014, Darma will complete software and prototype testing over the next several months. The company has a targeted date of May 2015 for mass production and June 2015 for the initial shipment of the product.

Customers looking forward to purchasing the product can monitor the company’s progress and targeted dates for availability on the Darma company website where pre-orders can be placed. You can also bookmark the Kickstarter site for this innovative product and check back regularly for information and updates.