The Charter TV App Gives You More Options


If you are a Charter TV subscriber then you have a plethora of choice when it comes to watching your favorite shows with the Charter TV app. It lets you watch live TV, view your On Demand Content or schedule recordings with your personal mobile device. The true beauty of this app is that it is free with your paid subscription. Unfortunately if you live in Colorado, Montana, Utah or Wyoming you won’t be able to use it.

Exciting Features of the Charter TV App

The Charter TV app gives you the luxury of your home system in the palm of your hand.

As long as you have a Wi-Fi connection and a subscription to Showtime, you can watch any Showtime channels; that can make the waiting room a lot more appealing. You don’t need a TV in every room, the Charter TV App lets you watch live TV directly on your mobile device from anywhere in your home. The app will also let you browse and select On Demand or regular content for viewing on the TV.

Two Access Packages

What you can access is primarily based on your Cable subscription.

If you have the Charter Basic TV they will let you:

  • Interact with the guide
  • Search for upcoming scheduled shows
  • Add to your watch list.
  • View children’s programming in Kid Zone
  • Check out your favorite team in Sport Zone.
  • Browse On Demand

If you have Charter Expanded Basic TV or better than you get a few more option on the app;

  • Interact with the guide
  • Search for upcoming scheduled shows
  • Add to your watch list.
  • View children’s programming in Kid Zone
  • Check out your favorite team in Sport Zone.
  • Browse On Demand
  • Stream live TV.
  • Set recordings or show reminders
  • Use your mobile device to change channels.
  • If you have a Motorola Digital Receiver you can access all of your DVR functions including guide and recording.

How to Get and Use the Charter TV Application

Go to the App store on your device then search for and install the Charter TV app. It is available for Android, Apple and Amazon Fire devices.

The first time you access the app when you are in your house you might find that you have bypassed the login screen and was automatically logged in as a guest, which gives you limited access. To get full access tap on the welcome message and log in. To log in you need your email address or your My Account user name and your password. Then you need to accept the licensing agreement and acknowledge that that the application may contain adult content.

If you don’t have a login, don’t worry you can easily create one from the app by tapping on the Create Account button, entering you account number, last name and choosing a Charter ID for yourself.

If you have forgotten your password it is easy to reset by tapping the Reset Password and entering the required information.

Content Access

The content you can access depends on your package and your status on the app. To find out what your current status is select the Menu icon on the top left corner of the App.

  • In Home — Full Access: You are logged in to your Charter Network account
  • In Home — Login for Personalization: You have been automatically logged in to the Charter Network as a guest and have limited access, log in using the directions above to get full access to your personalized sections.
  • Out of Home — Limited Access: You are logged in but you are accessing your account remotely and have limited access.


  • There are many ways to find your way around the easiest is to use the content titles on the home panel by simply swiping left or right to view additional titles.
  • The right arrow circle on the left of the categories lets you browse a category on a single page
  • The Sort icon will let you sort the titles alphabetically
  • The back button lets you return to browsing everything


You can customize the home page to give you instant access to your favorite content by scrolling down and tapping the (+) icon. Panels can be removed by tapping the X icon on the appropriate panel. You can also reorganize the panels so you see what you want first, by tapping the reorder icon. When you are finished simply tap on Done.

You can also add your favorite channels to the My Favorites panel be tapping the Edit icon then scrolling through the channel list and tapping on the Heart icon next to the name. Tap Done when you are finished.


Search: lets you find programs based on various search criteria factors such as title, genre, or actor name.

Guide: This can be accessed by tapping the guide icon on the home page and gives you the ability to filter by categories, sort channels, view by network, or to see future listings. The guide also has built in options that will let you view and record.

Live TV: To access all the viewable content currently available tap the Live TV button and select the program you wish to watch.

On Demand: You can use the app to browse and select On Demand content to play on your TV either now, or in the future. Simply tap the desired show and select either SEND TO TV or WATCH LIST.

Watch list: This option lets you build a list of programs for future viewing

Kid Zone: This feature allows you to lock your Charter TV app for child friendly programming. Tap the Kid Zone to enter it, then tap the Lock icon. To unlock it tap on the lock icon, and enter your Charter password.

Sport Zone: Access sports by tapping the Sport Zone icon and you can view current games, completed games, scores, and future game times.