The ChargeAll Portable Power Outlet Fits in Your Pocket


This ChargeAll portable power outlet, or something like it, should be owned by everybody that has a portable device and has ever run out of power. The batteries on our portable devices seem to choose the worst times to die on us. Having something portable that can power a variety of electrical devices can not only be handy, but possible life saving.

The Problem Seems to Be Getting Worse, Not Better

Strangely enough, the problem of our portable devices running out of battery charge at the wrong moment seems to be getting worse, not better. Back in the day, about four or five years ago, we could buy cell phones and other portables with extra batteries in case one went dead. Now most cell phones and portable devices sold have batteries that can’t be removed or changed when they die.

This Portable Power Outlet Goes Anywhere

Imagine having a portable power outlet so small that it takes up about the same amount of space as your wallet. Not imagine that this portable outlet has both a USB power outlet and a standard three-prong 110 power outlet. Wait. It gets better. Now imagine that this tiny powerhouse has enough juice to power a decent-sized fan or a light.

I Said It was Small

I mentioned that this portable powerhouse is small. It’s about as thick as two iPhones stacked on top of each other and the same width and length of an iPhone. Its official measurements are one inch thick, 5.25 inches wide and 7.5 inches long. The smaller, slightly less powerful unit measures four inches by one inch by six inches.

Although the device is tiny, it packs a pretty good punch. According to the company, it can provide eight full charges for an average cell phone, or a full charge for most laptops. You can even take this little baby to the beach and power the stereo or a small TV for several hours. Forget to curl your hair before that party? No problem, plug the iron in the car and finish your hair on the go.

Smaller Units are Great, But Limited

There are other portable power outlet products on the market. However, most of them are far too small to be of any use for anything but a cell phone. Some of them are only any good for a temporary quick top off of the battery before both the portable charger and the device need to be full charged again.

Better Than Other Devices

I’ve taken a look at a fair number of portable energy devices for Digital Landing. In one article earlier this year, I wrote about two personal energy generators, or PEG devices that can power some small devices using body motion. These devices are great for temporarily powering something like a cell phone, but they’re only good when you’re on the move.

The ChargeAll portable power outlet doesn’t require you to move. Just fully charge it for a few hours before leaving the house and you’re good to go for several hours. The smaller PEG devices are really only good for devices like cell phones and media players. The ChargeAll can be used as a six hour power source for a stereo system and some lighting. ChargeAll is capable of providing up to 85 watts, giving it a good range of devices it can power.

Where Can You Get This Portable Power Outlet?

The company is called ChargeAll. The product is the ChargeAll Portable Power Outlet. It can be purchased for right about 200 bucks (I know, a little pricey, but worth it) either directly from the company or on their Indiegogo campaign page. It’s also available at Amazon. Currently available colors are black and white.

Indiegogo Stretch Goals Make the Offer Even Better

If you head over to their Indiegogo page, you can pick up some nifty “stretch perks” when you reserve your ChargeAll. Stretch goals are extra “gimmes” that are offered once the original funding goal has been reached. These include such extras as a universal international power adapter, a retractable USB charging and sync cable, and a micro-USB to lightning adapter.