The Best Wearable Fitness Tracker has Arrived

Best Wearable Fitness Tracker

The best wearable fitness tracker has been found. The tech market has been flooded with fitness wearables the past couple of years. It seems that almost everyone has gotten into the game, Apple, Samsung, Nike, and others have all introduced fitness trackers that are wearable. These products are all excellent at helping you stay or get fit. However, they all have one major drawback that makes them a pain in the butt. You have to remember to wear the darn thing when you’re working out or it won’t benefit you. AmpStrip has them all beat. Put it on and you really never have to take it off.

How Do Fitness Wearables Work?

Every fitness wearable on the market tracks your fitness by measuring certain metrics that doctors and trainers say are markers to gauge your fitness and measure how effective your exercise regimen is. These markers include the following:

  • Heart rate
  • Respiration rate
  • Body/skin temperature
  • Posture

Of these markers, everyone agrees that heart rate is the most important. Most trainers and coaches state that if you exercise hard enough to keep your heart rate within a certain range, you’re doing it right.

The Best Wearable Fitness Tracker Lets You Forget It’s There

One of the major issues I’ve heard from friends that have bought some of the other devices out there is that they often forget to wear it while working out or exercising. This makes it useless. It can’t track your fitness/exercise regimen if you’re not wearing it.

There are also wearables that are bulky and uncomfortable. There’s one that straps across your chest. I’ve been told this restricts your movement and chafes, leaving marks and rashes when you’re done working out or exercising. Yep, you guessed it; this drawback often means that it sits in a drawer unused while its owner is working out. This means it isn’t doing what you bought it for.

The best wearable fitness tracker is one that you can put on and then forget about. It’s also one that lets you do a variety of exercise types without worrying about it. For instance, I’ve got bad knees and a ruptured Achilles tendon which means I can’t run (even if I liked running, which I don’t). I prefer walking, bicycling, and swimming.

However, these other guys are no good for me because they aren’t waterproof. AmpStrip is waterproof. This means I can swim and shower with it. It means that once I stick it to my chest, I can forget about it and go about my life and exercise normally.

Best Wearable Fitness Tracker

What is AmpStrip?

AmpStrip is mostly a heart rate monitor that sticks to your torso like a large waterproof bandage. It’s about as thick as two or three bandages stuck on top of each other. It measures 3.5 inches long, one inch wide and less than a quarter of an inch thick. In other words, it’s so small you’ll never need to take it off. At less than half an ounce, it’s also light enough that you may actually forget you’re wearing it

AmpStrip Goes Above and Beyond Other Fitness Tracker Wearables

In my mind, the fact that AmpStrip is small and light enough for you to forget that you’ve got It on is where it goes above and beyond all the others. Since you can’t wait to get that bulky, heavy, uncomfortable thing off your chest, wrist, whatever, you lose a huge amount of data that can help keep you from hurting yourself.

Every fitness coach will tell you that you need to give your body a chance to recover between workouts if you don’t want to hurt yourself. I can tell you firsthand that just checking your pulse or having loose muscles isn’t enough to tell you where your body is in the recovery stage.

Since you never take AmpStrip off, it can collect data on how your body is doing full time, all day and all night. This means that the device can collect data such as resting heart rate and your sleep patterns. Even better, it collects this data and sends it to the app without you telling it to. The device has enough memory to store all these data points for up to 24 hours without needing to transmit to the app.

The AmpInsights App

The app that goes with the device is called AmpInsights and, looking through what it does, I am impressed. You can tell that the people behind it are real athletes, not just programmers that came up with an idea. From what I can see, about the only thing the app can’t do is tell you how far you’ve run, walked, biked, or swam. At a glance the app will tell you where you are in relation to your target heart rate. If you felt something weird or especially liked a particular workout, you can add notes to each workout you do. Something else I like about this one over the others is that I won’t have to remember to tell it to start recording or that I’m going to start working out — the device and app are smart enough to know this. The app also lets users move data back and forth with third party fitness apps, so if there’s a data point AmpInsights doesn’t track but another app does, you’re still covered.

Fitness buffs, what do you think? IS this something that will allow you to take your fitness regime to the edge? Does AmpStrip sound like something you’d use and that can help you achieve the ultimate in performance and fitness? I’d love to hear from you, so drop me a note in the comments section below. Happy working out. See you on the bike track and in the pool!

Photo Credit: AmpStrip website