The Best iPhone Case Charger Options: Charge on the Go


An iPhone case charger includes a battery pack that can give your iPhone an extra battery charge. If that sounds like something you could use in your daily life, read on to find out more about how to use one.

iPhone Case Charger: The Good

The strengths of a charger case should be fairly obvious: The extra battery pack is always nearby, and it provides a much-needed charge of life if your iPhone dies. The iPhone battery is not always a reliable animal – the more apps and features you have running in the background, the faster the battery fade. Some people are lucky to get a full working day’s use from their smartphones.

The case charger can easily double the battery time that iPhones have, and without any additional pluggings or unpluggings. This makes case chargers particularly important for those who are planning to be away from chargers or outlets for some time. Perhaps people are planning on an overnight camping trip. Maybe a marketing executive will be out all day visiting clients. Possibly a student faces a full schedule of classes with no handy remotes near her chair. In these situations, the case charger can come to the rescue.

iPhone Case Charger: The Bad

Not all case chargers are created equal, and it can be difficult to tell what you’re going to get until you actually experiment with your case and how it works. However, all of these built-in chargers do have a few things in common – for example, they are all at least a little heavier and bulkier than normal iPhone cases, which makes them more difficult to use and more tricky to fit into a pocket.

Prices are also worth a mention. You will have to pay more for a case that has a battery pack inside, usually a whole lot more than you would have to pay for a typical case. This is why trying the case in person, if possible, is so important.

Popular Case Chargers on the Market

  • Incase Portable Power: This case has the advantage of being suggested by Apple itself (among other options). It uses one of the newer case features, which is a series of LED lights that show you the charging progress and other important information. It also has a high charge capacity. Plug this case in and get it to a full charge, and it will be able to fully charge your iPhone twice before it dies. The price is set at $79.95.
  • mophie Case: This is another Apple-recommended iPhone charge case. Actually, mophie offers several cases for the latest iPhones, available in a few different colors. The amount of charge you get depends on the model you buy, varying from one charge to a charge-and-a-half. The exterior shell is hard and some models include impact protection. Prices vary from $99.95 to $149.95.
  • Otter Resurgence Power Case: The Otter case holds one full charge for your iPhone, and comes with military-rated drop protection. It also has its own charge status LED system, and a feature that automatic stops charge when the phone battery is full to save as much power as possible. Plus, the Otter case has one of the more attract form factors in the charging case world. Prices start at $99.95.
  • Prong PWR Case: This plastic case comes in two parts. One part is a normal, lightweight case that you can strap your phone into for traditional protection. The other part is charging pack with a pop-out plug so you can just plug it right into the wall when you want it to charge. The battery pack can be attached to the iPhone case when it’s time to charge up. You don’t get much protection, but this set-up could be more convenient for you. Prices vary but are around $100.
  • Tylt Energi: This sliding power case offers 120% extra battery power available for charging. In many ways it’s like the Otter case, with a similar modern black design and LED indicator lights on the back. But the Energi includes a soft surface layer for a more comfortable grip and, instead of general impact resistance, it uses an inner case with a raised Bezel to protect the screen. You can get one for $99.99.

Photo Credit: Carl Berkeley