The Best Articles About Streaming on Digital Landing


We offer tons of different articles on many different things at Digital Landing, mostly dealing with digital services like Cable TV, High Speed Internet, Home Phone and Home Security services. But some of our most popular content is our articles about streaming from websites like Netflix, Hulu Plus and Amazon.

So I thought it would be interesting to gather many of these articles that are ultra-popular on search engines, but people just coming to the site might not realize exist.

10 Articles About Streaming on Netflix

Since Netflix is the king of streaming TV shows and movies, it only makes sense that we see a lot of visitors to our articles about the streaming company.
5 Easy Ways to Improve Netflix Streaming — Everyone would like to speed up their streaming just a little bit — and these tips explain just how.

Sorting Through the Best Netflix Plans — Not sure if you’re getting everything you want from the streaming service? This is one of our most popular articles about streaming.

12 Tearjerkers on Netflix — Everybody needs a good cry now and then, and these sad movies definitely do the trick, whether it’s a great romance, an inspirational tale or a tragic story, grab a box of Kleenex before you watch these!

6 Sites to Help You Find Good Movies on Netflix — There are several sites that make searching for movies you like on Netflix much easier. Even Netflix has a tough time figuring out what you might like, but between all of these articles about streaming sites, we’ve got you covered.

7 Tips for Streaming Netflix — Much like the first article, this one helps you make your streaming service ultra-optimized.

Netflix Keeps Freezing? Help is On the Way! — Troubleshooting experts have arrived! If your Netflix shows keep stopping, starting, buffering and being annoying, these tips will help you out.

Vudu vs. Netflix: Which One is Better? — You can watch movies on Vudu and Netflix, but what exactly makes them different? Plenty of things, actually.

Top 10 New Movies on Netflix — Sometimes, it’s tough to keep track of which new movies and TV shows have arrived on Netflix, so we take care of that for you.

Cheers! Top 12 British Comedies on Netflix — There are only so many great American TV shows, but there are plenty of fantastic comedies coming from across the pond that we think you’ll like.

11 Best Netflix Sites to Give Recommendations — These sites help you figure out what movies and TV shows you might like, depending on your preferences.

3 Articles About Streaming On Other Sites

16 Best HBO Series … So Far — For those with the HBO GO app on their smart TVs and over-the-top boxes, like Roku and Amazon Fire TV, here are the top series from one of the best production companies over the past 15 years.

XFINITY Streampix: How Does It Compare? — Xfinity Streampix is an add-on to the Comcast Cable TV service, created to complement the Xfinity TV, but how is it compared to other streaming services?

6 Top Sites to Watch Movies Online Free — You don’t have to only watch movies on Netflix and Hulu Plus! There are plenty of other great spots to download and view free movies legally.

Hopefully, these articles about streaming will help you find something great to watch on Netflix, or any of the other streaming websites.