The 6 Best Smart Devices for Pets


Smart alarms, smart locks, smart thermostats — the world of smart devices just keeps on growing. But what you may not know is that the Internet of Things is also busy working in the pet world, and it has come up with some pretty amazing smart devices for pets.

Smart Devices For Pets!

Here’s a look at the most interesting options for bringing your pet’s life online.

1. Smart Collars: The simplest kinds of smart devices for pets simply track them, with options like Tagg offering smartphone notices to locate your pet. This is especially useful because you can set a predefined area with the tracker and then receive notifications if your dog has left that area, whether it’s a park or a yard. Tagg is equipped with an accelerometer that helps it accurately chart pet activities, which is also useful if you want to create a log of all your walks or runs. There’s even a system called Tagg Points that allows you to make exercise goals for your pet and literally run with them. The Tagg device sell for around $100, but it also comes with an $8 monthly fee for its various services.

2. Health Trackers: Alright, so these also tend to be collars, but they upgrade services from basic tracking and exercise capabilities to offer a much deeper look at your pet’s current health situation and if they may be in trouble. Whistle, which sells for $100, is one of these devices with an exercise focus that can create goals based on breed, age, weight and other factors. It can also track sleep cycles and provide useful tidbits of information. For a much higher price of $300, plus a monthly subscription fee, you can use the Voyce collar, which offers the ability to monitor heart rate and respiratory rate and provide smartphone updates, ideal for sick or older pets.

3. Pet Finders: The pet finder market is also quickly growing. Essentially, these apps and devices make it easier to find lost pets. PetHub, for example, lets owners create profiles for their pets and make a QR code for easy access — an ideal accompaniment for a collar. Apps like PiP, meanwhile, actually use facial recognition technology to help identify lost pets and get them home in short order.

4. Smart Door Flaps: Lowes has stepped up to the plate for this smart device, called PetSafe. For $220, you can buy both the digital door flap and a collar. Using the Lowes Iris app, pet owners can keep track of movement in and out of the doggy door. The collar will crate a log of every time your pet uses the door, making it much easier to see if there’s another animal who is getting a little too well acquainted with your home. This is a nice option if you already use Lowes equipment, or if you want great control over your pet’s movements.

5. Smart Feeding Stations: Smart devices for pets also delve into the tricky matter of food. Feeding stations have been on the rise lately as pet owners evolve their strategies from simply dumping food in a bowl to more advanced, digital control. The result is products like Bistro, which actually recognizes the faces of specific cats, and carefully weighs both food and water that is consumed per cat (for $250), then sends that information to a smartphone. Petnet has developed a SmartFeeder that uses learning algorithms to keep up with your pet’s nutritional needs and creates a feed schedule that keeps your pet from overeating and gaining too much weight. You can, of course, remotely control the feeder with an app if you are worried Spot isn’t getting quite enough kibble.

6. Smart Toys: Yes, you can also automate your pet’s toys — to an extent. Devices like the iFetch will launch a ball for your dog — and keep on launching it, if your dog returns it. Eyenimal (see what they did there), meanwhile, is like a GoPro cam for your pet and can film things from their point of view — fun for them and fun for you later as you post the results on your social media sites.

Just like they’re coming out with more and more smart devices for people, we’re now starting to see the market fill with smart devices for pets. Hopefully, you enjoyed some of these!

Photo Credit: Taro the Shiba Inu