Text Messaging Abbreviations You Should Know

Text messaging abbreviations

Get better acquainted with text messaging abbreviations and instant messaging with Digital Landing’s guide to frequently used text messaging acronyms.

Today’s text-message culture would surely drive your old high school English teacher batty.

It comprises shortcuts and acronyms designed to reduce keystrokes and keep conversation flowing smoothly, but it would make spelling and grammar purists cringe.

This list should help you understand the instant messaging world and most of the text messaging abbreviations. Much of it also applies to email and other forms of digital communication.

Once you start using it, you will be surprised how easily you pick it up — and you may even find your IM speech spilling over into your offline life.




Meaning Acronym


& And mhm or mmhmm Yes
? Question mkay or mmkay OK
@ At myob Mind your own business
2 To, too n/o No Offense
2m Tomorrow nbd No big deal
4 For ne1 Anyone
abt About newayz Anyways
afaik As far as I know nm Not much, Nevermind
altho Although noyb None of your business
Asl or a/s/l Age, sex, location np No problem
Atm At the moment nvm Nevermind
b4 Before o/c Of course
bbl Be back later oic Oh I see
bc Because omg Oh my God/goodness
bf Boyfriend omw On my way
bff Best friend orly Oh really
brb Be right back otoh On the other hand
btw By the way pix Pictures
cul8r See you later pls, plz Please
cuz Because ppl People
cya See ya qt Cutie
cya Cover your ass r Are
cye Check your e-mail rly Really
dunno I don’t know rofl Rolling on the floor laughing
ftr For the record rpg Role playing game
fwiw For what it’s worth sn Screen name
fyi For your information srsly Seriously
g2b Go to bed sry Sorry
g4u Good for you sum1 Someone
ga Go ahead t or d Truth or dare
gf Girlfriend t4 To tell the truth
gl Good luck tafn That’s all for now
gr8 Great tbh To be honest
gtg Got to go tho Though
hi5 High five thru Through
hiyo Hello tht That
hw Homework thx Thanks
ic I see tia Thanks in advance
idc I don’t care tmi Too much information
idk I don’t know tru True
iirc If I recall correctly ttfn Ta ta for now
ily I love you ttyl Talk to you later
im Instant message txt Text (message)
ima I’m going to ty Thank you
imho In my humble/honest opinion u You
iming Instant messaging ugh Expression of disgust
imo In my opinion ur You are
imnsho In my not so humble opinion vbg Very big grin
j/j Just joking vbg Very big grin
j/k Just kidding vbg Very big grin
j/p Just playing w/e Whatever
j/w Just wondering wat What
jc Just checking wb Welcome back
jlo Jealous wi5 Wireless high five
jooc Just out of curiosity wth What the heck?
jsuk Just so you know wyr Would you rather
jtlyk Just to let you know y Why
k OK y/t You there?
lil Little ya, yea, yup Yes
lis Like I said ymmv Your mileage may vary
lmao Laughing my ass off yo Hi
lol Laughing out loud yw You’re welcome
ly Love you


When all else fails, and you see some text messaging abbreviations you can’t figure out, just google it! And if that doesn’t work, just figure your friend is a horrible speller!


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