Tempo Environmental Monitor Uses Bluetooth Smart Technology


The Tempo Environmental Monitor by BlueMaestro is a sleek, smart device that can sense, track and monitor data both indoors and outdoors using innovative Bluetooth Smart technology. You can use Tempo at home, within the office or in your garden to maintain comfortable temperature and humidity levels and to also check barometric pressure readings. Tempo is easy to use with the free downloaded app and is compatible with iOS and Android devices. Check out all the cool features that Tempo has to offer.

Tempo Environmental Monitor Features

With its sleek and innovative design, Tempo can be used in a variety of settings to monitor environmental elements. In addition to the traditional usage of Tempo within the home or office setting, the product website also notes unique uses of Tempo to include providing an appropriate protective environment for cigars, fine wines and other collectibles. Tempo can also be used in gardens to check for appropriate growing conditions for your plants. The device is not waterproof so care should be taken to protect it during usage.

The Tempo Environmental Monitor can safely store and manage a full month (30 days) of environmental data readings for levels of temperature, humidity and barometric pressure. Tempo’s settings can be changed based on preferences to receive notifications if the desired thresholds levels drop below or exceed the range you have programmed into the device.

There is a variety of settings available to use with Tempo that include logging intervals, units of measure, sensor calibration, device naming, and alarm thresholds. The device has a sensing range of up to 75 meters within line of sight during usage. As a smart energy efficient device, Tempo does not need a lot of power to operate and runs on two AA batteries that have an approximate life span of about 12 months when being continuously used.

Tempo is capable of handling an unlimited number of users that may want to connect to and use the device. The only requirement is that all users have the Tempo app downloaded onto their compatible iOS or Android devices that use Bluetooth Smart technology. BlueMaestro maintains a detailed application guide on their website that provides helpful information on how to operate Tempo, available options, and how to change the settings.

Tempo Technical Specifications

The Tempo Environmental Monitor is designed with durable materials and the outer shell is manufactured using strong polycarbonate that is polished and sleek looking. There is no need for consumers to worry about getting or setting up Wi-Fi or having to plug in any additional lines or cables as Tempo relies upon Bluetooth Smart technology for its networking capabilities.

Tempo can withstand temperature ranges during usage from -13 degrees Fahrenheit up to 167 degrees Fahrenheit. For those accustomed to Celsius, this works out to be a range of -25 degrees Celsius to a maximum of 75 degrees Celsius. Tempo can monitor humidity levels in the range of 5 percent up to 95 percent.

Tempo is compact in size measuring in at 3.3 inches in length by 2.16 inches in width by 1.38 inches in height. The device weighs in at 9.5 ounces and available colors include black, gray, pebble, and white. Weatherproofing has been incorporated into the structure of Tempo by adding over molding features into the physical design of the device. Tempo rests comfortably on sturdy rubber feet attached to the underside of the unit and can be quickly opened when you need to put in a new set of batteries.

Tempo is compatible for usage with both iOS and Android devices. Operating systems that are Android based must be 4.3 and later. The device will also work with systems that are running iOS 7 and above. You can download the apps online from Google Play or the Apple App Store and can easily check for the most current versions for compatibility with your newly purchased Tempo. The product comes with a 6-month warranty and customer support assistance is readily available for consumers that may have questions or need additional guidance.