Target Presents Brightspot Mobile


Brightspot Mobile is a prepaid phone service offered by corporate giant Target. It is a program that is less than one year old and it comes on the heels of many other stores that already offer their own prepaid phone services.

How Brightspot Mobile Works

The service works like any other prepaid phone service. You can go to the Target website or select Target stores and purchase a phone of your choosing through their inventory. (You can also use an unlocked phone from another provider.)

With phone in hand, you then purchase the Brightspot SIM Kit and head over to the Brightspot Mobile website to both activate your phone and choose the service package that is right for your needs.

In addition, you can also set up your own account on their website. This makes it super easy and quick to not only manage your account and refill your minutes, but also to track the amount of loyalty points you’ve earned.

What Phones Does Brightspot Offer?

Though, they don’t offer as much as phone companies such as T-Mobile, Brightspot Mobile has a pretty good selection, with over 19 pages of results on their website. Their prices are pretty good too, and often much lower than your major phone companies. For example, you can get a Sparq II slide phone for about $28 or even a Prism II for about $50. The most expensive phone offered directly from their company is the Brightspot LG Optimus F3, which goes for about $150.

Of course, as pointed out earlier, you aren’t limited to just choosing the phones that are directly tied to them. You can also get phones from other brands and companies, so long as they are unlocked and GSM — meaning they accept a SIM card. (We’ll get to that in a minute.) Target offers some of these for sale, ranging from the Samsung Galaxy S4 to the Samsung Galaxy Note III and LG Optimus F6.

Unlocked Phones?

What’s all this about unlocked phones? Unlocked phones are phones that are generally tied to one or two companies — such as AT&T — but have been unlocked so that they can be used with other companies. Depending upon the type of phone you want, these can get pretty pricey, heading up into the thousands. (Target’s most expensive unlocked phone sells for about $900, for example.) These phones can be bought directly from the companies — Samsung, LG, Apple — or you can go to your previous carrier, as sometimes they will have unlocked phones for you. If your contract is expired, you can call the support line for your carrier and get the unlock code and instructions.

What About Plans?

Brightspot Mobile has pretty good deals when it comes to prepaid phone services. What they lack in variety, they make up for when it comes to low cost. They offer three basic plans: unlimited talk and text for about $35 a month, unlimited talk and text plus 1GB of Internet for about $50 a month and unlimited talk and text plus 4GB of Internet for about $65 a month.

They also offer a couple of additional options for your plan, such as unlimited international texting for $5 more a month or unlimited international texting and calling for only $10 more a month. If you choose not to opt for the unlimited international add-ons, you can still make calls and text people in other countries, you will just be charged varying fees, depending upon which country you’re contacting.

The Reviews Say …

Reviews for the Brightspot Mobile company and service are generally positive. From their website — which can help with anything from teaching you how to block unwanted (spam) numbers, to showing you how to manage your voicemail, and the site is very easy to navigate. Their coverage, which is really good and covers countless areas of the United States, gets good reviews from most people — for the company and their service. The customer service reviews seem to be fairly good, too. If there are any complaints about the company, they seem to be ones typical of many prepaid phone services, such as limited data or the small amount of plans offered.