Taking a Look at the Smart Door Lock from Goji


Another smart door lock has been introduced. It’s called the Goji Smart Lock. This type of lock system is the future of home security. They’re not just a fad. We’ve seen some pretty big leaps in what connected door locks have been able to in the short time that we’ve seen them on the market. Let’s first take a short look at that technological evolution in this sector of the home automation and security market. Then we’ll take a look at what the Goji Lock brings to the table.

Smart Locks Started Simple

The evolution of the smart door lock has been somewhat similar to that of everything else in the home automation and security market. The first models on the market had smartphone applications that let you lock and unlock the doors from within the home network. That capability changed to being able to do it over the Internet, changing to being able to give one-time or repeat access to others while receiving notification that they have entered the house. Goji does all this and more.

The Goji Smart Lock Does is My Choice Best Looking Smart Door Lock

The Goji Lock app works as the central control interface for the lock. I think that this one looks the best of the different smart door lock devices I’ve looked at. This is purely subjective, but the brushed metal combined with the LED display with a subdued blue tint just looks better to me. Unlike other smart locks Goji appears to only be available with a black outer ring surrounding the brushed stainless look metal inner ring.

The Goji Display is an Information Center

Other smart locks let you scroll through a list of who has gone through the door recently. However, you’ve got to use the app or web portal to do this. Goji lets you do it from the front display. As the lock is activated, the LED display shows the user’s name while the lock stores that instance in local memory. It’s also sent and stored by the app and your online Goji account. With a few taps you can scroll through a list of the dates and times of all entries and exits. The lock also lets you know its lock/unlock state at a glance.

Electronic Keys to Anyone You Wish For as Long as You Wish

One of my favorite capabilities of the smart door lock systems I’ve looked as is the ability to let others in from afar. I really like the way the Goji Lock goes about this. I can email or text a friend a temporary electronic key. I can make that key permanent like for my parents or my kids. I can also assign specific dates and times to keys for other relatives and friends. So if you have a housekeeper that shows up at a set time on a set day every week, you can limit that access to only those times when they are expected and you’ll be notified by email and/or text when they arrive and leave.

The Goji Smart Lock Also Incorporates a Camera

This is where Goji really begins to shine, I think. Every time it’s activated a picture is taken and sent to the master account holder. You can verify that the person using the electronic key is the person it was assigned to. Goji’s camera can also be set to monitor its immediate environment, either with video or snapshots.

The Goji Smart Lock Works with Other Devices

The Goji Lock works best with the smartphone app. However, it also works with key fobs that use Low Energy Bluetooth to lock and unlock. These operate almost the same way the remotes for your car alarm do with the added convenience of being able to assign the same time constraints as electronic keys.

Goji Offers Backup Solutions Others Don’t

As noted above, Goji plays well with others. However, there may be times when the lock’s automated functions fail. For this reason you also get two mechanical keys to manually lock and unlock the lock. Goji also has 24/7 customer support and a network of certified locksmiths on call. I think this makes the $235 retail price look extra attractive.

What do you think? Is Goji the thing of the future in smart home security?