Take TV Along: Time Warner Cable iPad App

Time Warner Cable iPad app

The Time Warner Cable iPad app known as TWC TV, lets iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone users running iOS 4.3 or later, take their favorite TV programming with them. It also lets subscribers control their TV and DVR when they’re away from home. The app is pretty powerful and lets you do almost everything that you would be able to do at home from anywhere that you have a High Speed Internet connection. Sorry, you’ll have to brew your own coffee and pop your own popcorn, though.

No Need for a TV with the Time Warner Cable iPad App

Time Warner Cable has a tagline for their TWC TV app: “Turn any room into a TV room.” Do you have to leave the TV room for any reason during a program you really don’t want to miss? Maybe you’ve got to go cook dinner and can’t see the TV from the kitchen. Or maybe you’ve got some business in another room in the house that doesn’t have a TV.

No problem. Fire up the iPad, log in, boot up the Time Warner Cable iPad app and go take care of business. It’s that easy. While you’re not going to be watching the movie or show in 1080p with full surround sound, at least you won’t be missing it.

What TWC TV Lets You Watch

The app gives you almost the same programming flexibility as sitting in front of the TV and using your DVR/Cable box does. You’ll get access to more than On Demand programming options. You’ll also have access to a range of selected “live” TV networks. Time Warner has published a PDF document with the lineup of channels they are legally allowed to broadcast to the app.

If you’re falling asleep while watching that movie on Bravo, take the movie with you to bed and finish watching there. Just make sure you leave room for your spouse! Or, maybe you’re watching one of the various cooking shows on Food Network and they’re getting ready to make something you’re interested in making. Take it to the kitchen with you! Prop the iPad up on your bathroom counter and you can watch CNBC news while you wash your face, shave, and brush your teeth. Talk about multi-tasking!

Control Your TV and DVR from the App

If you’re like most people, you tend to lose the TV/Cable remote at least once a day. I’d guess that your iPad or iPhone is something that you most likely know the exact location of at any given second during the day. As long as you know where your i-device is, you never have to worry about a lost remote control ever again.

You can use it to program your DVR to record a single episode of your favorite show, or you can have every episode throughout the year recorded. This is especially cool for those serials that build upon the previous episode, allowing you to easily get lost. You can record a season’s worth of episodes and make a night of it near the end of the season.

If you’re like me, you’ve got kids and your Time Warner Cable programming package has networks/channels that you don’t want your kids to watch. You can use the app to create parental controls on those networks that you don’t approve of.

Oh, and before I forget, yeah, you can use it to change channels on the TV/DVR/Cable box.

Special Features Not Available on TV

The TWC TV app has some nifty features that you can’t find on your Cable box. How about being able to search for a specific show on the programming lineup by the name of the show? Maybe someone told you about a show that’s coming up tonight or tomorrow, but they forgot what network and time. That’s not a problem with the Time Warner Cable iPad app.

Just fire up the app, type in the name of the show, and voila! The app tells you what day and time it comes on, and what network/channel. But wait! I’m going to pull a Billy Mays on you! That’s not ALL you get with TWC TV!

How about being able to look through the whole cast of the show? Maybe it’s got someone you really don’t like in it — or someone you really do like. You’ll get a full detailed description of the program/show. No more of trying to decide from two or three lines of description if the show will be worth watching. You’ll also be able to see stills of the show and the cast.

But wait! I’m not through yet! With TWC TV, you can also program, or set, a list of your favorite channels, allowing you to create a program guide that’s customized to the types of shows and the networks you prefer to watch. There’s also a “recently viewed” listing in the program guide, so you can see at a glance what you watched last.

Oh, and this is one app that most of the reviews have glowed about. It seems that most users love the Time Warner Cable iPad app.

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