Take Advantage of Free Movies at Crackle

Free Movies at Crackle

Many people don’t realize that they can watch free movies at Crackle.com, and enjoy plenty of popular TV shows there — like Seinfeld! Largely considered the greatest sitcom in TV history, Jerry Seinfeld also has a deal with Crackle to show his successful online series, “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.”

Crackle is a great way to stream online movies, television shows and original content for free, but there are advantages and disadvantages that viewers may wish to keep in mind when they are deciding whether or not to watch free movies at Crackle.

Advantages of Free Movies at Crackle

Crackle is easy to use. Viewers must first register by filling out a short online form and verifying their email address. Once registered, viewers can then access hundreds of videos for free in 360p and 480p resolution. Crackle is compatible with a wide variety of devices, such as traditional PCs and laptops, as well as many gaming consoles such as the Xbox and PS3, and mobile devices such as Android and iPhone smartphones, iPads and even the Nook and Kindle Fire.

The Crackle site is set up to make browsing by categories, such as “recently added, most popular and featured” fairly easy, and users can also search for movies and other programs by genre and name of artist or title.

Crackle allows users to create watch lists that keeps a record of the previous 300 videos that a user has watched on Crackle. In addition to free video streaming, Crackle also has a social function that allows users to like, rate, comment on, and share their watch lists and videos that they have watched on social media sites, such as Facebook. Users can also embed Crackle videos in their emails and other online sites.

Users can subscribe to receive updates when their favorite programs add new episodes or other content. This is especially helpful for viewers of originals, such as the show “The Unknown and “I Fight Dragons that are available through Crackle.

Crackle has programs in several genres, from anime to comedies to westerns to dramas to anything and everything in between.

Crackle is free. You can watch unedited, uncut, full length free movies at Crackle, and there isn’t a sign-up or subscription fee. The content is also legal, which is in stark comparison to several other online movie streaming sites, which are thinly veiled torrent websites that operate in the shadows or that might actually be known for installing dangerous viruses onto an unsuspecting user’s computer or other device.

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee -- Free Movies at Crackle
Jerry Seinfeld’s latest creation, “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee” won an Emmy Award in 2013, for “Outstanding Special Class – Short-Format Nonfiction Program.”


Disadvantages to Free Movies at Crackle

Of course, there are a few disadvantages to Crackle. The first is selection. While it’s true that Crackle offers hundreds of movies, TV shows and originals, as well as many popular movie trailers to watch, the selection is still limited in comparison to other online streaming sites such as Hulu Plus and Netflix.

Some users have complained that titles seem to be skewed toward a male audience, but there is still a wide variety of content on the site that viewers of all ages would enjoy. Still, since this service is completely free, it’s easy to forgive the limited choices.

Some of Crackle’s programming has limited availability outside of the United States. While all of Crackle’s content is viewable in the U.S., this is not true in certain areas such as Australia, Canada, Europe and other areas, due to licensing restrictions and other issues involving international agreements.

While Crackle is free to use, viewers of the service are subjected to commercials. This is in stark contrast to paid online streaming sites such as Netflix, but it does help to keep the service free and also helps to pay for new programming.

Not all programs remain available all the time. Sometimes, Crackle’s license to show a program or show will expire. When this happens, Crackle will leave links to trailers and clips from the movie or other program. This enables users to see if and when the program becomes available for viewing again in its entirety.

In general, users do not need to download any special player to stream online content from Crackle’s site, as Crackle’s player uses Flash technology to stream videos to the user, but select content on their site does require users to download an app called Widevine before the content will stream. This app is to improve the security of the content that is being viewed and to reduce the chances that it will be illegally downloaded and pirated by a user. Crackle also works best if the latest version of Flash is installed, and this can be a hindrance for users that do not wish to install or update their flash player.

Free movies at Crackle can be a great way to add options if you are looking for a way to stream programming online and for free. Other options for free online streaming include going to the websites of the major networks such as CBS, NBC and FOX and streaming shows for free directly from their website.

HuluPlus also has a free version, the regular Hulu program that offers limited online streaming for free, but the selection available from these sites has traditionally been smaller than that offered by Crackle. Still, when combined together, all of these venues can be a great way to find interesting movies and TV shows and originals to stream online for free.

It’s important to have a fast Internet connection to watch free movies at Crackle. Check your speed with the Digital Landing Internet Speed Test.