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D-Link USB Hub is Cheap, But Is It Useful?

This D-Link USB Hub has many features that will wow consumers, but it falls short in some very important categories. This hub is a second version of the original Staples Connect Hub, but with some improvements.

Creek Smart Wi-Fi Clock Provides Centralized Home Hub Services

The Creek Smart Wi-Fi Clock gives you a total package system for complete centralized monitoring that provides protection on multiple levels. The unit is functional and is designed to network with smart devices that provide you with remote monitoring ...

‘SmartThings Know and Control’ Jumps Ahead of the Pack

Ready to hear about what is possibly the best home automation system on the market? Take a gander at the SmartThings Know and Control system.

Converting to a Smart Home: Where to Start

Smart home and home automation are terms you hear everywhere these days, but what does it really mean and how can you start converting to a smart home? Smart home and home automation have become catch phrases that can cover everything from a...

New Asus WiFi Router Comes Stacked With Features

I like this new Asus WiFi router. I just don't like its price. I'm one of those people that like the newest, latest, and greatest of something, especially when it's a tech toy. I'm also someone who preferred Asus products for quite a while.

Scout Home Security isn’t a One-Size-Fits-All Solution

The Scout home security system is one of the few home security solutions that allow you to buy only what you need. There are others out there, but Scout is more flexible. This isn't the best option for everyone out there, but if you're looking for easy to

Get Smart: Connected Home Automation with Logitech Harmony Products

If you are searching for a connected home product that will provide you with the power and control to remotely monitor multiple home automation and entertainment systems, then Logitech Harmony...

SmartThings Home Security Just Got Better

The SmartThings home security kit brings home security and peace of mind to anyone with a mobile device. Home security is a very misunderstood marketplace. Consumers feel they have to bring in an expensive contractor (like me) to get decent security ...

Try a Home Automation Hub for Your Smart Home

As the prices for HA-ready appliances and devices continue to drop, many of you are thinking a smart home might be in your future. Consider implementing a home automation hub for the best experience.

Wink: Cheap Home Automation for All Devices

As the smart home market rapidly accelerates, eager homeowners run into a serious problem looking for cheap home automation. You can't easily pick and choose your favorite devices, because they all run on so many different protocols and brand systems....