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Is the New LG Smart Watch for You?

The new LG smart watch has debuted. It's called the Urbane. Reviews for it are mixed, but mostly positive. Of course, no matter how awesome a product is, there's almost no way that there won't be shortcomings and detractors.

Creek Smart Wi-Fi Clock Provides Centralized Home Hub Services

The Creek Smart Wi-Fi Clock gives you a total package system for complete centralized monitoring that provides protection on multiple levels. The unit is functional and is designed to network with smart devices that provide you with remote monitoring ...

A WiFi Water Sensor Can Help You Have a Green Thumb

A WiFi water sensor can help turn your black or brown thumb into a green thumb. Watering issues are one of the major causes of houseplants dying. You either give them too much water or not enough water. Rarely do our poor houseplants ever get exactly...

How to Improve Your WiFi Signal

Do you have problems with a WiFi connection? We're going to tell you some simple steps, so you can learn how to improve your WiFi signal. There are many reasons your Internet connections could be a slow.

Tempo Environmental Monitor Uses Bluetooth Smart Technology

The Tempo Environmental Monitor by BlueMaestro is a sleek, smart device that can sense, track and monitor data both indoors and outdoors using innovative Bluetooth Smart technology.

Several Ways to Fix Netflix Freezing

You have a perfect lazy evening laid out. You have your snack, you've settled in with our loved ones and then it happens -- Netflix Freezes. We've done our research and we will help you resolve some of those Netflix freezing issues.

7 of the Best New Smart Home Products

Are you ready for the coming wave of new smart home products that meet real needs instead of just offering superfluous digital additions? Here are the most practical solutions hitting the market and what they can do for you. Whirlpool Smart Washer and...

New D-Link Router Options: Smart Controls and Remote Management at Last

With so many home devices getting smart upgrades that make them easier to manage, it's probably time that your router gets a makeover, too. The new D-Link router options look like the awaited solution, combining some handy new router features and...

The Smart Nest Protect Smoke Alarm Thinks and Talks

The Nest Protect Smoke Alarm is a multi-functional unit that monitors more than potential levels of smoke and carbon monoxide. As a smart device that can think, speak to users and communicate early warnings ...

Get Home Automation Sprinkler Control with the Blossom Smart Watering System

The Blossom Smart Watering System works with intelligent weather data to provide consumers with home automation sprinkler control for their lawns, plants, and flowers in 12 growing zones. Blossom continually ...