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Several Ways to Fix Netflix Freezing

You have a perfect lazy evening laid out. You have your snack, you've settled in with our loved ones and then it happens -- Netflix Freezes. We've done our research and we will help you resolve some of those Netflix freezing issues.

The Best HDTV Sets for Around $500

The Best HDTV Sets for Under $500 The list of the best HDTV sets changes every couple of years as technology improves. What might have made the list last year is probably going to be on this list somewhere, since the manufacturers and retailers will...

VIZIO Internet Apps: TV Delivering More

VIZIO Internet apps, in a quickly growing technological world, could easily become your new best friend. We all know what smartphones can do, but...

Your Buying Guide to Smart TVs

Many TV manufacturers, including LG, Phillips and Samsung, are now manufacturing Smart TVs that have a host of specialty features. So if you are...