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Simplicam Face Recognition Technology Knows Who Your Friends Are

Keep connected and in touch with what's going on at home when you are out with Simplicam. The unique Wi-Fi camera will safeguard your household and quickly alert you with notifications when unusual activity is detected. Face recognition technology is ...

Sentri Home Security Video System Provides Control

Sentri is an intelligent home security video device that provides consumers with a comprehensive selection of system capabilities including a built-in high-definition (HD) video camera, a motion detector, and sensors designed to detect levels of humidity,

Customized Monitoring with Scout Security Systems for Homes

When it comes to options for security systems for homes, some consumers want the choice of being able to custom design their own unique monitoring system. Scout Security Systems provides multiple options that ...

The Smartphone Drone that Takes Photography to New Heights

This smartphone drone looks awesome. Over the Christmas break I vacationed with some friends down in Brazil and we went to the big tree lighting ceremony for the city of São Paulo. There were a few street vendors ...

Scout: A Low-Cost DIY Smart Home Security Solution

Have you been looking for an easy, low cost, DIY smart home security solution? Scout may just be the answer! The idea of having a home security system appeals to many home and apartment dwellers, but factors such as cost, level of installation difficulty

Face-Recognition Home Security Camera Your Home Unveiled at CES

Every year, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) holds a special event for the media the Sunday night before the show begins. CES Unveiled was held...