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Solar Power Benefits You May Not Realize

Most people know that solar power benefits them by reducing their electric bills. Using solar power can save them a significant amount of money on their electric bills. However, that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Making Moving Less Stressful: A Checklist of 7 Helpful Tips

The key to making moving less stressful is preparation. If you take the time to organize and prioritize every step of the process, you will master and may even enjoy what many consider dreadful and frustrating. Take short breaks and treat yourself ...

After Moving Checklist: 12 Tips to Help You Settle In

Whether you are making a cross country move or plan on relocating to a nearby town or city, prior preparation will help make the transition easier. This helpful guide of tips in the form of an "after moving" checklist will be a handy resource.

Internet Sharing: Save Utility Money After the Big Move

Internet sharing is a great way to save on bills after you have made a move. However, there are different types of Internet sharing, and some work better than others. Read on to learn more about this Internet sharing trend, its pitfalls, and how it can...

How to Transfer Utilities in 6 Easy Steps

The process of transferring a utility account can be especially difficult. We have some suggestions that can make this process less of a hassle. The next time that you move, keep in mind the following six tips on how to transfer utilities.

Moving Your Cable TV To Your New Address

For whatever reason, it's time for relocation and all the stress and time management the moving process entails. Let's take a closer look at moving your Cable TV account to your new address.

Sharing Utility Bills: Roommate Apps and Solutions

Sharing utility bills doesn't have to be complicated. Our digital world provides a number of handy apps that making splitting the bills a breeze – as long as you can agree on the right percentages. Here's how to start a bill sharing project with new roomm

Constellation Energy: Modern Utilities for the Modern Home

Home utilities, like gas and power, often operate on the pay-and-forget model. You get a check and you pay it off each month. If...

Bidgely Tells How Much Energy You Use & Where

Do you know how much energy you use in your house? More importantly, do you know exactly where that energy goes? A new series...

18 Moving Tips to Make Relocation Easier

If the thought of packing up and moving your home makes you cringe, you are certainly not alone. However, psyching yourself out ahead of...