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Making Moving Less Stressful: A Checklist of 7 Helpful Tips

The key to making moving less stressful is preparation. If you take the time to organize and prioritize every step of the process, you will master and may even enjoy what many consider dreadful and frustrating. Take short breaks and treat yourself ...

After Moving Checklist: 12 Tips to Help You Settle In

Whether you are making a cross country move or plan on relocating to a nearby town or city, prior preparation will help make the transition easier. This helpful guide of tips in the form of an "after moving" checklist will be a handy resource.

Who to Notify After Moving

An important part of the final moving step is you need a list of who to notify after moving. The moving process can be long and drawn out -- a bewildering array of boxes, packing tape, stress, and the open road...