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Apple Store Beats — Dr. Dre’s Streaming Radio Coming to iOS?

When Apple acquired Dr. Dre's Beats, their main reasoning wasn't necessarily the fashionable and overpriced headphones produced by the company. Is Apple getting into the streaming radio war with Spotify and Pandora?

Streaming Music Industry Generating Over $1 Billion This Year

Midia Research reports that the streaming music industry is at a pace to generate over $1 billion in revenue this year. While digital music sales...

3 Ways to Listen to Free Streaming Music

With High Speed Internet bandwidth getting better and better, everyone has been able to listen to free streaming music, as long as they have...

Wireless Audio’s Big Entrance: Time to Ditch the Wires

For many years, home audio has been a strictly wired scene. Computer, radio and entertainment system speakers could be placed around the house and...