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Mophie’s Apple Watch Charger Is a Cut Above

This Apple Watch charger unit from Mophie is cool. It's attractive and stylish and displays your Apple Watch for all to see as it charges. However, Mophie is a treasure-trove of mobile device accessories to fit every need. I was reading a press release...

The Best Apple Watch Features: 5 Top Choices

It's no surprise that the Apple Watch has launched with literally thousands of apps available from a variety of different companies – but the best Apple Watch feature options remain its native apps and functionality, the software that Apple has been ...

Is the New LG Smart Watch for You?

The new LG smart watch has debuted. It's called the Urbane. Reviews for it are mixed, but mostly positive. Of course, no matter how awesome a product is, there's almost no way that there won't be shortcomings and detractors.

An Apple Watch Feature You May Not Be Aware of

This app adds a whole new Apple Watch feature set. Check inside to see if it's enough to decide the buy or not question.

Smart Watch Reviews Reveal Apple Watch’s Early Dominance

With a variety of positive smart watch reviews now available, you may be wondering whether or not a smart watch works as another device suitable for controlling your own digital smart home. Apple Watch or Android Wear -- what makes the most sense?

My Take on the New Pebble Smart Watch

There is a new Pebble smart watch on the market and it's one of the best available. The hype surrounding the Apple Watch has been tremendous while the release of the new Pebble Time has made relatively few ripples in the tech press.

New Android Watches Now Available

New Android watches are introduced on a regular basis. Manufacturers include big name brands like Samsung, companies just making their mark in the industry like Pebble, and companies that are starting to gain serious traction in the industry like Huawei.

Apple Watch vs. the Competition: How Does the iWatch Compare?

With the Apple Watch at last available to consumers, it's time to take a look at the Apple Watch vs. the competition. How well does it stack up against alternatives from Pebble, LG, Samsung, and Moto? Let's take a look. Price The Apple Watch (yes,...

Home Automation Controller: Is the Apple Watch the New Frontier?

If you've already made an investment in building a digital smart home at your residence, the Apple Watch might end up being a great Home Automation controller. Let's take a closer look.

What Can the New Apple Watch Do For You?

We've been waiting for months and we have now seen the big reveal of the new Apple Watch! Now the big question is – what did we learn about it?We didn't really learn as much as we had hoped, but we did pick up a few things.