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Android Grows, But iPhones Own Business Segments

Good Technology reports that while Android phones now have over one-fourth of all mobile devices inside the United States, iPhones continue to lead in...

10 Great Smart Home Gifts for Mom

Mother's Day is quickly approaching and to show them that you appreciate them get them something that is appropriate for them. We've looked through a variety of items to come up with smart home gifts, tech gifts and on-the go gifts that are perfect for ..

Tech Devices the “House of Cards” Characters Use

Ever wonder what devices the characters on "House of Cards" use regularly? Wonder no longer. I've taken a look and this is what I discovered about the tech devices on "House of Cards" Season 3.

5 Home Security Systems with Cameras to Check Out

Home security systems with cameras deliver an increased level of security that systems without cameras can't give you. Any house can be broken into. Having video surveillance of at least the obvious points of entry will deter most burglars.

3 Best Phablets for Under $300

Modern digital phones are nice, but it can be hard to read those little screens, and tablets are convenient but they don't make phone calls. This is why the newest generation of phablets has appeared on the market -- they are smaller phone/tablet ...

The 7 Best Mobile Phones on the Market

Has the time come for you to replace your smartphone? Here are the best mobile phones available on the market and what they can offer you it terms of display, power and features.

Introducing the Best Wearable Tech from CES 2015

What's the best wearable tech that was introduced at CES 2015? Wearables have been growing in popularity the past few years at CES. What started as a trickle of products has grown into a veritable flood.

Target Ticket Shutting Down on March 7

Retail store Target has decided to shut down its video on demand service called, "Target Ticket" on March 7, as the company focuses on...

The Best Wearable Fitness Tracker has Arrived

What if I told you I've found a wearable fitness tracker that you don't have to take off? What if I told it was small and light enough that you wouldn't feel the need to take it off? This one is all that and more.

Samsung TV and PlayStation Team Up to Give you Console-Free Gaming

In December Sony launched a major offensive move when it comes to the battle of between gaming consoles. We were told that if you own a Samsung Internet-connected Smart TV then you will soon get a nice surprise – the ability to play PlayStation games...