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Facebook Changes: Understanding the Latest Updates and What They Mean for...

Are you ready for the Facebook changes that are coming at the end of January? Curious about how these changes will affect how you use Facebook and whether or not they will make things easier or more complicated? Here are the full details on the updates.

Have You Read the Privacy Warnings Lately?

Reading the privacy warnings on products we buy is rarely something we even consider. Why is that, you think? I know they're long-winded and hard to read. I get it. I hate reading them too, but I recently read a story that has changed my mind.

How to Avoid Hackers on Public Wi-Fi

There are some basic truths that you rely on – the sun will come up, rain falls down and gravity keeps you from flying off the planet. However there are other things that you shouldn't take for granted - free isn't always free and public Wi-Fi isn't...

What Does Net Neutrality Mean?

What does Net Neutrality mean? It means a loss of freedom, and that should mean a lot to you. The Internet has become a staple of North American lives. Most people think of it as a wide open playground where you can grab any information that you want.

Online Privacy for the Modern Age: 4 Easy Tips

The digital world can prove a hazardous place for personal information these days. If the growing number of hackers don't steal data and media...