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Netflix Tools to Make Streaming Easier and More Enjoyable

While it's easy to get started watching your favorite programs on Netflix, some have a less than perfect experience when they stream content. Here is our list of helpful Netflix tools to help you tweak your settings and improve your Netflix experience.

Netflix Announces Season 3 of ‘Orange is the New Black’ Set...

On the heels of the successful launch of Netflix's first hit TV series, "House of Cards" on Friday, the streaming service announced that Season...

The Best Articles About Streaming on Digital Landing

We offer tons of different articles on many different things at Digital Landing, mostly dealing with digital services like Cable TV, High Speed Internet,...

20 Best Holiday Movies on Netflix Streaming

Check out our list of the 20 best holiday movies on Netflix streaming now and get a head start on Christmas and other end-of-the-year holidays and celebrations!

What’s New on Netflix for November?

What's New on Netflix for November is an overview of the best newly added movies and TV shows that are now available for streaming. We bring you the full details on all the best movies and shows that have been added to Netflix and are available now for...

Streaming Wars: Netflix Original vs. Amazon vs. Hulu

The streaming wars are heating up between Netflix, Amazon and Hulu. This update provides an overview of the latest, new Netflix Original coming soon, as well as an overview of original series that are coming soon to Amazon and Hulu.

5 Replacements for Redbox Instant Streaming

After less than two years Verizon has given up on Redbox Instant Streaming, as of October 7th, the streaming option was gone. Here are several options you can use in its place for your streaming movie and TV show needs.

How Does Rotten Tomatoes Work?

Have you been curious about movies, wondering how does Rotten Tomatoes work? Our article gives the full details on the site, while explaining how it can help improve the recommendations that you receive for sites like Netflix.

What Internet Speed Do I Need?: Key Numbers for Online Activities

Most Internet packages place great emphasis on speed, leading a lot of users to ask, "Well, what Internet speed do I need, anyway?" More speed sounds better, but it can be difficult to tell what that actually means for everyday online activity. For a...

Cablevision-Optimum Ranks Highest in Netflix ISP Speed Index

Netflix announced that Cablevision-Optimum and Cox Communications were first and second respectively in the Netflix ISP Speed Index for June. The entertainment streaming company posts...