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Netflix Tools to Make Streaming Easier and More Enjoyable

While it's easy to get started watching your favorite programs on Netflix, some have a less than perfect experience when they stream content. Here is our list of helpful Netflix tools to help you tweak your settings and improve your Netflix experience.

Big Theater Chains Won’t Show Netflix Movie

Some major theater chains have decided not to show "Beasts of No Nation," a war film acquired by Netflix earlier this week, because the...

New Netflix Original TV Shows for 2015

Do you love original Netflix shows like House of Cards and Orange is the New Black? Here is a brief overview of the new Netflix original TV shows, films and other programs that Netflix has in the works for 2015 and beyond.

HBO Prepares to Be the First/Best OTT Premium Network

About 40 years ago, Home Box Office (HBO) was the first premium Cable TV channel with commercial-free movies on television. Now, as they get...

The Charter TV App Gives You More Options

If you are a Charter TV subscriber then you have a plethora of choice when it comes to watching your favorite shows with the Charter TV app. It lets you watch live TV, view your On Demand Content or schedule recordings with your personal mobile device...

Everyone Can Enjoy This PC Wireless Controller

What is a PC wireless controller? Is it a keyboard? Is it a mouse? It's neither. It's a small puck. However, like a keyboard or mouse, you can use it to control certain functions of your computer. You can also use it in many programs instead of a mouse...

Where are the Christmas Classics Streaming Now?

Curious about where are your favorite Christmas Classics streaming this Christmas? Netflix has a great selection, but not all of the classics from holidays past are there. This list lets you know where your favorite holiday movies are available this year.

What’s New on Hulu for December?

Curious about what's new on Hulu and Hulu Plus for December? Need help finding something great to stream on Hulu that will get you into the holiday spirit? We help you find the best of what's streaming with this overview of what's on Hulu now.

Changes Coming to HBO Streaming in 2015

Curious about the changes that are coming to HBO Streaming in 2015? We provide readers the full details about how HBO's recent announcement will affect their viewing choices in the future.

What’s New on Netflix for November?

What's New on Netflix for November is an overview of the best newly added movies and TV shows that are now available for streaming. We bring you the full details on all the best movies and shows that have been added to Netflix and are available now for...